Mon Bijou: Singapore Cafe Review

A taste of France

Mon Bijou cafe singapore claymore

Mon Bijou, located at Claymore Connect (formerly known as Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade) is the newest F&B brand by the Millennium group, serving French pastries and desserts with a local twist. The list of food items on the menu ranges from their all-day breakfast, lunch to snacks and desserts.

We were kindly invited to this cafe’s opening event to check out what’s in store.

Mon Bijou cafe singapore claymore connect

Light bites were served before this grand opening event started. The waiters and waitresses were attentive as they went around making sure that everyone has been served. Light bites to showcase the cafe’s French culinary skills were then served out to guests, giving a sample glimpse of the menu.

Mon Bijou-_

Caprese and Summer Greek Salad.

Mon Bijou- Scrambled Truffle Eggs on Black and White Toast

Truffle Scrambled Egg on Black & White Toast. Eggs still slightly runny with that subtle hint of truffle, this was a crowd-pleaser.

Mon Bijou- Petite Lorraine

Petite Lorraine.

Mon Bijou- Smoked Salmon Avocado Cucumber on Mini Olive Panini

Smoked Salmon Avocado Cucumber on mini Olive Panini.

Mon Bijou- Nuggets with Hollandaise Sauce

Chicken Nuggets with Honey Mustard Sauce.

We also got to try out some drinks from their drinks menu:

Mon Bijou- Creamy Grass

Creamy Grass. The mint flavour of the drink seems to pale in comparison to the other teas served, being a little to bland for my liking.

Mon Bijou- Milky Sunrise

Milky Sunrise. This smoothie blend of mango ice cream, peach syrup and milk was surprisingly good, level of sweetness and creaminess on point.

Mon Bijou- Gold Coast

Gold Coast. This English breakfast tea mix was my favorite beverage of the lot, delicate and refreshing.

Mon Bijou- Mango Passionfruit Smoothie

For those who didn’t or couldn’t take alcohol, smoothie or milkshake were served instead. I chose their Mango and Passionfruit smoothie which tasted similar to Milky Sunrise.

Mon Bijou- Crab Cake Benedict

After a smorgasbord of appetizers, we also had mains to choose from to really get a good idea of the foodstandard served.

I opted for their Crab Cake Benedict ($20) under their all-day dining breakfast. The Crab Cake Benedict is Mon Bijou’s signature dish and it definitely did not disappoint.

However, it’s a pity that the crab cake was  slightly overdone- charred and dry on the outside while the Black and White toast, albeit chewy in the middle, turned out hard around the crust. The poached eggs were beautiful though, with its golden runny center running down perfectly.

Mon Bijou- Sliders Trio

Served in a triple combination of Classic Beef Burger, “Ngoh Hiang” Chicken Burger, Mon Bijou Crabby Patty Burger and a bucket of fries (literally), the Sliders Trio ($22) can be found under Light Bites in the menu.

Even though the sliders trio is considered a light bite, the portion is really generous and can easily be considered a main. Great burger patty variety and an innovative 3-in-1 presentation. 

Mon Bijou- Chef (1)

Mon Bijou- Chef

The Chefs also came out to address the guests before starting on the most anticipated part of the dinner: the pre-dessert dish and dessert buffet.

Mon Bijou- Brioche French Toast with Strawberry- Brioche Caramelised Waffle with Banana and Chocolate

For pre-dessert, we had 2 sweet treats on 1 plate: Brioche French Toast with Strawberry ($14) and Brioche Caramelised Waffle with Banana and Chocolate ($10).

The waffle was too sweet for my liking with the saccharine caramelised banana and chocolate sauce really overpowering any other taste dimension.

The french toast on the other hand was really good, light and fluffy with a light tartness from the strawberry jam. The sourness of strawberries evened out the sweetness of the brioche french toast to give a very balanced outcome.

Mon Bijou- Desserts Table (2)

Mon Bijou- Desserts Table_

Now, who can resist this table full of desserts?

We didn’t try everything on the dessert table but out of the few that I picked, my favourite was the Yuzu Lemon Tart which I thought was well-proportioned for its crust and curd. Crunchy crust and creamy filling makes up the addictive tart that leaves a citrussy aftertaste. The macarons, on the other hand, wasn’t impressive at all. Flat, chewy centre and large air pockets were some of the things noted.

Mon Bijou- Chocolates

Assorted Chocolates ($2.20/pc) served last. The Earl Grey flavour definitely nailed it. Everyone at our table unanimously voted it as the best chocolate among the five.

Mon Bijou is one of the first shops to open in Claymore Connect and if you prefer to keep away from the crowds, do hop over to Mon Bijou for a quiet afternoon of French bites and sweets. A couple hits and misses, the French-styled desserts and pastries are the highlight of Mon Bijou.

Expected Damage: $25 – $40 per pax

Mon Bijou: 442 Orchard Road, #01-19/20 Singapore 238879 | Tel: 6739 6738 | Website