Mookata House (Big Splash): Singapore Food Review

“Mookata with Marbling”

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Another new mookata joint has opened its doors on our tiny little island in the East (my estimations tell me the number is more than 30). Taking root in the Big Splash quadrant of East Coast Park, Mookata House takes over the premises from the now defunct Claypot Fun. Just a stone’s throw from the beach front (ok. definitely a very long throw), diners can enjoy the sea breeze while tucking into a meal with family and friends.

With so many mookata restaurants dotted island wide, fans of mookata will wonder why should they make the journey to East Coast Park when there are more easily accessible outlets. Then again, many people spend lots of time traveling to visit overrated hipster cafes too. Since most mookata joints offer set menus with raw marinated meats, Mookata House differentiates itself from the pack by offering premium meat cuts instead of the usual thoroughfare – Kurobuta pork and Wagyu beef are the signatures here.

mookata house east coast singapore

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The 3 week old establishment features a minimalist inspired interior with an overall seating capacity of about 80 patrons which is split evenly into an indoor air-conditioned seating area and an outdoor al-fresco dining area. If you dread the sweltering Singapore heat and humidity while eating mookata, you would love the indoor seating area. Else, the sea breeze should suffice – it was the first time my shirt wasn’t soaked with perspiration after a mookata meal.

thai iced tea mookata house singapore

Thai Iced Milk Tea ($3). It’s as good as the ones I have tried in Bangkok. Strong Ceylon tea with a right balance of milk, do note that the sweetness has been toned down to suit our local palate but extra syrup can be added for the authentic Thailand diabetes experience.

lard thai chilli sauce


Generous serving of obligatory lard pieces, we suggest to empty the whole saucer full of lard on to the pan as the meats tend to stick even with the high marbling. 2 types of chilli sauces are offered at Mookata house – one for meats (red) and one for seafood (green). The green one isn’t as spicy as the ones I have tried so far but the kick is still there.

mookata house-5

A homemade chicken and pork based stock is served here (lots of secret ingredients – recipe is guarded by the owner’s Thai wife and mother-in-law). Chief Editor Seth thinks after boiling quite a while it’s quite similar to minestrone soup as there’s a slight sourish tang to it.

mookata house-9

Behold the 2 platter sets for 4 hungry men gentlemen. Each set comes with a plate of vegetables and tang hoon. Mookata House has 3 set platters and a selection of additional meats on the ala carte menu, while a Thai a la carte zi char style menu is still being developed and will be available in the near future.

The 3 sets are pretty similar in composition with a few omissions or extras. The Value Set is pretty much the standard option, House Set omits the wagyu cuts and kurobuta belly, while Meat Lover’s Set omits any form of seafood and just piles on the meat.

value set

Value Set ($45.90). Feeds 2-3. A selection of kurobuta pork collar, kurobuta pork belly, wagyu beef, boneless chicken, prawn, scallop, seafood stick, cut squid, kang kong, enoki mushrooms, sweet corn, cabbage, carrots, vermicelli.

meat lover's set

Meat Lover’s Set ($55.90). Feeds 3-4. A selection of kurobuta pork collar, kurobuta pork belly, wagyu beef, boneless chicken, kang kong, enoki mushrooms, sweet corn, cabbage, carrots, vermicelli.

kurobuta pork mookata east coast singapore

wagyu beef mookata house east coast

Unlike most mookata joints in Singapore where the cheap meats are more heavily seasoned with sauces and spices for the Singapore palate, Mookata House emphasises on the quality and cuts of the meat used with a minimal amount of seasoning. The kurobuta cuts and wagyu slices (grade A4/A5) were really juicy and tender, well rendered with their own fat and juices.

Their key differentiation here is the quality of meat, and appeals to those who know their stuff.

mango sticky rice

Mango Sticky Rice ($5.50). One of the better ones I have tried in Singapore, the glutinous rice was warm and soft plus the mango was really sweet. Would have preferred a more generous drizzle of coconut milk though – if you going to eat fattening stuff might as well go all the way I always say.

thai coconut ice cream

Thai Coconut Ice Cream ($4.50). We enjoyed this dessert, the roasted peanuts added a crunch to the soft ice cream. It did taste more like macadamia nut ice cream though.

mango sticky rice

Mango Stick Rice Delight ($7.50). Mango sticky rice with ice cream for those who like a mishmash of flavours in their desserts.

mookata house-4

While it seems that Mookata House has a limited menu, it has plans to introduce more options down the line. They are also in the process of rolling out the Thai style street zi char dishes so if any member of your party doesn’t fancy mookata, there’s always other stuff on the menu. Familiar items like Tom Yum, Green curry and Pad Thai will be featured.

With the cool sea breeze, open air and even air conditioning inside, Mookata House makes a very comfortable BBQ setting as compared to other Mookata joints. Portions are pretty reasonable, especially if you finish the tang hoon and vegetables served.

If you are looking for a mookata place to dine up in the next few days, why not drop by? They have a 20% off Opening promotion with a minimum spend of $50 and you get 2 cups of awesome Thai milk tea too!

Expected damage: $20 – $30 per pax

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Mookata House: 902 East Coast Parkway, Block B, #01-11, Big Splash, Singapore 449874 | Tel: 6348 1275 | Website