Nadim’s Delights: Cheese-Drenched Burgers That Are Mozza-Hella Good At This Halal Western Stall In Jurong West

Can you believe it? Tucked away in a corner of Jurong West, Nadim’s Delights serves a burger that is definitely a cheese overload.

Nadim's Delights 02

Located within Ayza’s Restaurant, Nadim’s Delights is a halal Western stall that offers affordable chicken chops, fish and chips, and burgers. What caught my eye was the intriguing Burger Banjir ($7.50), which they only start serving from 1pm onwards.

When I arrived at the stall just past 1pm, there was already a queue. Despite the crowd, they were efficient in taking orders. I would later collect my burger when they called my name upon its completion.

Nadim's Delights 01

As expected, the coffeeshop was slightly warm, because of our tropical weather. Fans placed strategically helped to reduce the discomfort slightly. Nonetheless, I felt that the ambience actually added to the experience.

Nadim's Delights 04

After 20 minutes, I finally collected the burger. It was served on a plastic plate, probably because they ran out of plates due to the crowd. Luckily, metal forks and knives were still available as you’ll need it to cut through the burger!

The burger came with double chicken patties that were lightly breaded and sodden with cheese. Likewise, the buns were drenched in a savoury cheese sauce that wasn’t too thick. It also came with two sides, skinny fries and baked beans.

Nadim's Delights 09

While I’m usually more hands-on when it comes to chowing down on burgers, but this is one that I decided to eat with a knife and fork. I suppose it was the overload of cheese sauce that helped the burger to keep its shape; slicing into the burger didn’t cause it to fall apart, like most other burgers.

Nadim's Delights 07

To my surprise, the usual lettuce was replaced by coleslaw. The coleslaw layer helped to slightly undercut the jelak feeling of the burger, although much of the cabbage taste was buried under the cheesy flavour too. It added a pleasant crunch to the otherwise mostly soft and mushy texture of the burger.

The chicken patties were juicy and retained the light meaty flavour, which mingled with the savoury cheesy taste. I’d have preferred the patties to be either more deep-fried, or not breaded at all. A more deep-fried patty would add more depth of flavour to the burger, beyond the overwhelming taste of cheese.

For those who are more health-conscious, unbreaded patties would be a better choice as they would skip the extra calories, and it wouldn’t soak up as much cheese.

Nadim's Delights 03

Of course, cheese lovers will definitely be grate­-ful for this cheese-drenched burger, especially when there’s even an additional slice of cheese in between the patties. Talk about a cheese overload!

Luckily, the cheese sauce was generally more savoury than milky and wasn’t that thick.

Nadim's Delights 08

I’d say the sides were pretty average, although I was happy to alternate my bites with the tangy baked beans in the second half of the meal when I was starting to struggle with the burger. I liked the skinny fries too; they reminded me of the cheese fries from KFC, minus the mayonnaise and spring onions.

The stall does offer other dishes, such as Black Pepper Steak, Fish and Chips, Chicken Chop and other customary fares from Western stalls. But the main draw for me was definitely still the Burger Banjir.

It’s fair to say that at Nadim’s Delights, sweet dreams are made of cheese, and I’m not one to dis-a-brie. (Alright, I’ll stop with the cheesy puns, for the sake of those who may be laugh-tose intolerant.) Head down early to avoid disappointment, because this dish of overflowing cheesy goodness sells out pretty quickly.

Expected Damage: $7.50 per pax

Nadim’s Delights: Ayza’s Restaurant, Blk 508, Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640508 | Opening Hours: 12noon – 10pm daily | Facebook