Influencer, Nicole Choo, started a croissant business with guac and kaya flavours

Nicole Choo is 22 years old and launching her own croissant business; I’m 21 years old and all I’m doing is writing an article about it. Respect.

Local influencer, Nicole Choo, has embarked on her first foray into the F&B industry with Krazy Kroissants, her own brand selling loaded croissants of various flavours. She introduced her latest business venture one week ago and teased its official launch which is happening on 17 December 2021.

The 22-year-old is most known for her Youtube channel, as well as the launch of her book of poems in 2018.

nicole choo's croissants

Krazy Kroissants already boasts a line-up of five menu options—there is the Lucid Cream (Price TBC), where a buttery croissant is piped with a savoury cream cheese filling and drizzled with condensed milk.

a photo of croissants

She has also introduced a local flavour to her lineup with Kaya King (Price TBC), with kaya filled croissants that are topped with cheese, the Eggs-plosive (Price TBC), where truffle fanatics can get ahold of truffle scrambled egg croissant and even opt to add turkey bacon for a perennial breakfast flavour combination.

nicole choo's croissants

The line-up also includes What the Guac (Price TBC), where butter croissants are filled with ‘special mashed avocado’, and also a good old fashioned plain croissant, called Mr Nice Guy (Price TBC). If you’re planning to give Nicole Choo’s latest venture your support, pre-orders are available via DM, with 24-hour islandwide delivery right to your doorstep within one to two hours.

I’ll be honest with you, she’s got my attention. Or rather, just about anything will if it’s buttery and baked to golden brown perfection.

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