Ninja Cut: Wholesome Japanese-Inspired Bowls That Fill You Up

ninja cut

Remember Ninja Bowl? Well, founder Darren Wee is back with another installation in the Ninja brand, this time with healthier balanced meals and more unique options to choose from.

The Astronauts Group’s latest venture, Ninja Cut recently opened on 1st October, a mere five months after the immensely popular Ninja Bowl was launched. Like the latter, they serve wholesome Japanese inspired dishes with a substantial serving portion.

Featuring robust meat and seafood mains paired with hearty bases such as quinoa and soba noodles, Ninja cut takes a healthy spin on an otherwise sinful food bowl. Along with their signature bowls, an extensive all-day brunch selection is available to indulge in anytime of the day- be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

ninja cut interior

Elegant and tasteful, Ninja Cut boasts an industrial design with slate grey walls, marble table tops and custom wooden chairs. Stylish light fixtures ensure that the dining area is well-lit and gives the concept store a softer look. A wall mural and neon-lit quote also adorns the walls to add a bit of flair to the setting.

The austere simplicity of the environment certainly makes for a comfortable and fuss-free dining experience.

And now, presenting the Ninja Cuts.

ninja cut oh my cod!

Oh My Cod! ($18)

A clever play on words, this dish features a freshly baked cod fillet served in a white miso marinade which has hints of sake, making it sweet and savoury at the same time. With a refreshing side of pickled beetroots, honey-glazed carrots, crunchy edamame and asparagus, it was a match made in heaven. The poached onsen egg added the final touch as it mixed around well with all the ingredients.

ninja cut gimme chimi chicken

Gimme Chimi Chicken ($14)

As the name suggests, the chicken is doused in a homemade Chimichurri sauce which consists of balsamic vinegar, coriander, chilli flakes, honey and parsley. Tender and juicy, the chicken breast is also peppered with Cajun spices, making it flavourful when eaten with the sauteed brussel sprouts and fresh cherry tomatoes. Served directly underneath is the Furikake which is light and goes extremely well with the corn and nuts. A perfect protein-charged dish for sure.

ninja cut squid fix

Squid Fix ($18)

A whole grilled Surume Ika brushed with unagi sauce made for the most sweet-tasting combination ever. Each sliced squid ring is tender and chewy, complementing the side of sauteed mushrooms and greens including miso cucumber and honey-glazed carrots. Combined with spoonfuls of the furikake and onsen egg, it makes for a palatable meal.

ninja cut whats your beef

What’s Your Beef? ($18)

We definitely have no “beef” with this stand-out dish because it is absolute perfection. With a whole slab of succulent Australian Ribeye slow roasted to a medium-rare doneness and marinated with salt, thyme and pepper, the tender beef was indeed mouth-watering. As with the other dishes, it comes with grilled corn, sauteed mushrooms, honey-glazed carrots, furikake and an onsen egg. Recommended to all the meat lovers out there!

If you feel like the meal portion isn’t sufficient enough for you, you can always opt for add-ons on the menu such as the quinoa ($3), ninja rice, soba or garden greens ($2).

Apart from the wide variety of main dishes up for order, there is also a comprehensive list of brunch items available.

ninja cut polenta mash

Polenta Mash ($18)

The warm truffle polenta mash is one of the most comforting dishes I’ve had. With a nice texture and consistency, the mash merges with the Parmesan cheese shavings to create a savoury goodness. The Aburi Chashu slices and sauteed mushrooms completes the dish even further.

ninja cut cheeky cheese

The Cheeky Cheese ($18)

Behold, more cheesy awesomeness! Pull open the sweet-tasting Brioche to find wonderfully melted Cheddar cheese. Dip the thick toast into the glorious Japanese curry before biting into the crust and savouring the grilled cheese and toast soaked with gravy. If that’s not enough, the braised curry beef cheeks kicks it up a notch with its red wine seasoning and intense flavour. The pairing of walnuts and sunflower seeds in the curry also make a good match with the garden greens.

ninja cut marvellous matcha

Marvellous Matcha ($16)

And finally for dessert, we had the Marvellous Matcha to end things off on a sweet note. Think of it as an artisanal Matcha lava cake but bigger and better. Filled with green tea fondant made in-house from white chocolate and Matcha powder, a molten effect is created as soon as the cake is split apart.

Topped with a light and fluffy ricotta cheese that balances out the sweetness, this dessert has everything going for it. The yuzu peel has a nice lemony tinge to it that brings out a zesty flavour which tastes good with the homemade dango and azuki beans. The speculoos crumble soiled around the cake makes it even better as it adds a crunchy texture to the moist cake.

Do note that the dish is created to order so there is a 15-20 minute wait time in between.

ninja cut interior 2

With quality dishes at affordable prices, Ninja Cut offers sizeable portions that are sure to satiate your hunger pangs. For the diet-conscious, their offerings are great for keeping fit while enjoying a delicious mixed bowl of ingredients.

Expected damage: $18 – $25

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Ninja Cut, 32 Seah Street, Singapore 188388 | Opening hours:9.30am to 7.30pm (weekdays), 9am to 6pm (weekends)| Tel: 6264 7727 | Facebook