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No Signboard Prawn Noodle: Delight In Nacho Cheese & Tom Yum Carrot Cake Renditions At Ubi Avenue

Last Updated: April 17, 2017

Written by Ynez Wahab

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-1

While the stall might be named No Signboard Prawn Noodle, what you should really come for is the fried carrot cake. This may seem like any other hawker stall but they have actually broken out of the mould and are serving reinvented versions of the classic local delicacy.

With Cheese and Tom Yum renditions on the menu, this is certainly an interesting twist from the usual black or white options we’re so used to.

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-2

Upon order, the Cheese Carrot Cake ($4) was stir-fried on the spot with the usual condiments of radish cake cubes, eggs and a dash of seasoning. All this, before being drizzled with a generously decadent amount of nacho cheese.

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-3

Being a huge fan of anything cheesy myself, I really enjoyed the added flavours to the carrot cake. Not only did the cheese boast a smooth texture but it also added a whole new dimension to the dish. Next time I’m craving for nacho chips, I might just opt for this instead.

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-4

Another unique offering on the menu is most definitely the Tom Yum Carrot Cake ($4). It’s no surprise that anything Tom Yum flavoured is usually great and this was certainly no exception.

Topped with pork floss, this version of the carrot cake was evidently crispier and had a tangy tom yum taste that was simply delectable.

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-5

Providing an extra bite, the pork floss complemented the sourness and spiciness of the tom yum paste that coated each radish cube. In fact, the dish was so fragrant that we could smell it just as it was being served to us.

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-6

Who can go without a side of sambal chilli to go with? As we dipped each chunk of carrot cake into the chilli, we really got the kicks from the combination of the sambal and the hint of spiciness from the tom yum flavouring. 

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-7

Last but not least, we had the Black Pepper Mushroom Carrot Cake ($4). Served hot, the soft chunks of carrot cake was adequately chewy and married well with the bits of egg and mushroom.

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-8

The black pepper seasoning was also added in careful consideration and didn’t overpower the dish at all. In fact, it was a welcome change to the milder tasting versions of the hawker staple. We found it to be tasty on it’s own and we didn’t even have to use much of the sambal chilli.

No Signboard Prawn Noodle-9

If you’ve only been switching between the original white and black carrot cake, you might want to change up your palate with these innovative alternatives.

As one of the many hawker stalls that has started experimenting with new flavours and have since incorporated never before used ingredients into the classic kopitiam dishes, No Signboard Prawn Noodle is in on the trend too.

I certainly won’t be surprised if more local dishes that we’ve grown up loving, will begin evolving in the near future.

Expected Damage: $4 per pax

No Signboard Prawn Noodle: Block 301 Ubi Avenue 1, #01-305, Singapore 400301 | Opening Hours: Monday to Friday (7am – 7pm), Saturdays (7am – 4pm) | Tel: 92394800 | Facebook

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