Wave hello to OmniSeafood: Plant-based fish fillet, salmon & tuna comes to S’pore late 2021

Consuming less meat is not an unusual practice for Singaporeans trying to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. With the adoption of Meatless Monday diets and integration of plant-based meats into daily meals, meat consumption has gone down, and awareness of its benefits has gone up. In lieu of World Oceans’ Day, OmniFoods, announced a breakthrough in plant-based food: OmniSeafood. Their original plant-based OmniMeat series which made a splash in 2018, was a foundation upon which their innovation and desire to promote sustainable, plant-based food was built.

Omniseafood packaging
Credit – Green Monday

Their latest groundbreaking OmniSeafood range includes Omni Classic Fillet, Omni Golden Fillet, and Omni Ocean Burger, in original, battered or, breaded fish burger varieties, along with OmniTuna and the forthcoming OmniSalmon. The integration of plant-based seafood into daily meals will help to lessen the harmful effects of aquaculture malpractice, which may be overlooked in comparison to the devastating consequences of the livestock industry.

Fried Omni classic fillet
Credit – Green Monday

OmniMeat has been a successful game changer in the global food industry; it is present in 20 regional markets and widely available through 40,000 points of sale. With OmniSeafood, OmniFoods aims to satisfy global palates with their innovative and sustainable plant-based fish options, which is hailed to be a perfect replica of their traditional counterparts, down to the look and feel.

Omnituna Tartare
Credit – Green Monday

The OmniSeafood line is crafted with a blend of plant-based protein from non-GMO soy, pea, and rice. OmniFoods’ seafood line are all certified vegan and Buddhist-friendly. These vegan alternatives to the world’s most widely consumed fish are great sources of protein and free from mercury, trans-fat, cholesterol, artificial colouring, MSGs, antibiotics, and preservatives.

OmniSeafood is currently available in Hong Kong, but will be arriving in Singapore’s shores in the final quarter of 2021. If you’re looking to adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle by cutting down your meat consumption but have been hesitating when it comes to plant-based meats and fish, this might just be the perfect starting point for a healthier, meat-free diet.

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