Oscar’s: Get SUPERCHARGED With New Sunday Brunch Buffet

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Look forward to a whole new Sunday Brunch at Oscar’s – a different brunch spread, a little revamp and a new logo, get ready for one hell of a supercharged Sunday brunch.

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Not only super in its variety but literally super in its food ingredients – experience their new 4-metre long salad bar stocked with wholesome super foods, as well as their super science Nitrogen Ice Cream Station.

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Conrad has come up with an incredible whooping 4m long salad bar. Buffet-goers who are more health conscious would probably be very pleased with this salad bar.

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Expect over 30 bowls of the freshest vegetables, antipasti and superfoods including chia seeds, flax seed oil, quinoa, beetroot salad and pomegranates.

Lazy to chew? 4 different types of healthy shakes are available, with 2 types on weekly rotation.

But what is a Sunday hotel brunch without spectacular seafood?

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2 rows behind the salad bar is a seafood bar overflowing with buckets of vibrant seafood so bright, you have to be blind to miss it.  The seafood bar includes freshly shucked Oysters from 4 locations, Snow Crab Legs, Boston Lobsters, Slipper Lobsters, Cherry Stone Clams, Sea Prawns, and Chilean Half Shell Scallops; pretty much seafood lovers’ heaven.

The spread is impressive, but some seafood like the King crab might need a bit more attention during preparation to retain its flavour.

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And of course they also have a decent selection of sashimi – Tuna, Salmon, Swordfish, Snapper, Hamachi, and Ika.

There are more than 3 aisles of food for international and local fare, you’d be so spoilt for choice. But hey on the bright side, you can have roast beef ribs and potatoes to go with your Tandoori and Naan if you wish.

Carving Station

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Oven Roasted US Prime Ribs

With premium buffets these days, carving stations are almost a necessity to display the restaurants’ premium roasts and Oscar’s is no exception.

Oscar’s Carving Station showcases their Oven Roast US Prime Ribs, London Duck and Suckling Pig.

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London Roast Duck

The London Roast Duck is commonly said to be the ‘wagyu of duck’; the most premium of them all. These ducks are imported from Ireland farms that uphold certain farming standards in order to deliver the best possible product.

The higher amount of fats means that when you bite into the duck, its tenderness is assured.

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Argentinean Style Slow Roasted Suckling Pig

Conrad does their Suckling Pig in 3 styles: Argentinian, Mauritian and Chinese, on weekly rotation. We had the chance to taste their Argentinian roast and it just might have spoilt us for all other Suckling Pigs.

Crackling with every bite, the skin was so crisp and beneath it, hid an intense layer of tender meat infused with that smokey flavour – absolutely sinful but so good. Fans of suckling pig, you really should give this a try.

Live Station: Noodle Bar

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Noodle bars are pretty commonplace at buffets these days, but this one at Oscar’s is still worthy of note. Not kidding you when I say the Laksa and Slipper Lobster noodles are amazing.

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On first impression, the laksa soup seemed suspiciously dry. However upon tasting the soup, it is rich, tasty and definitely had the distinct robust laksa coconut flavour. Fear not for it is not diluted.

The Slipper Lobster & Pork ribs soup is basically a more “atas” Prawn Noodles. It was also delicious; so genuinely sweet and fragrant, the soup was hearty and addictive. Also, the pork ribs were stewed to perfect softness.

Live station: Risotto & Pasta

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Pasta stations are also around often, so what sets Oscar’s apart?

Firstly, other than offering Organic pasta, they offer risotto as well which is uncommonly seen in buffets.

Secondly, the three sauces to choose from: homemade organic tomato sauce; Coulis of piquillos, smoked paprika and small capers sauce; or Dijon mustard, sautéed mushroom and cream sauce are pretty scrumptious.

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Thirdly, top off your pasta or risotto with cheese of your choice from the cheese board next to the pasta/risotto station to.

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Lastly, you can even customize the type of salt or seasoning as well as more extraordinary condiments like Confit Black Garlic and Organic Avocado Oil with Edible Flowers.

Oscar’s has given diners the ability to design their own pasta/risotto on  an entirely new level.

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The resulting risotto had a delicious base but slightly tough grains, al dente, as they say. The portion is undeniably small but it is completely appropriate and smart, because this allows room for more food from the buffet.

Live Station: Poached Eggs & Foie Gras

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Organic Poached Egg with Cauliflower Puree, Sauteed Spinach, Foie Gras and Truffle Oil foam

At the egg station, one can choose between 2 styles of organic poached eggs – Eggs Benedict or with Foie Gras and Truffle Foam.

Do not expect the taste to be hit-you-in-the-face kind of amazing for it is a more subtle dish – the thick creaminess of the foie gras pairs well with the runny yolk, while truffle adds that scent of nuttiness to tie the dish together. Why get the regular eggs benedict with hollandaise when there’s a better option?

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Pan-seared Foie Gras with Fleur de sel vanilla salt, Apple and Passionfruit

Another love of mine at a buffet – Pan-Seared Foie Gras.

If you’re picky about your foie gras (like how some people would be stringent about the standards of their steak), this might not impress you but give them some leeway yeah? It’s decent enough for most of us.

Not to mention the pairing with Fleur De Sel Vanilla Salt, Apple and Passionfruit is a nice saccharine combination to alleviate the gamey smell of foie gras.

Live Station: Nitrogen Ice Cream

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Oscar’s also plays with science and brings you more interesting flavours with their nitrogen ice cream.

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Nitrogen ice cream flavours available are Pineapple and Sweet potato; both of which were sufficiently sweet, refreshing and tropical. They are flavours that one will not get ‘gelat’ of easily which is always an A+ attribute for any dessert.

Crepe and Waffle Station, Dessert Counter

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The waffles here are amazing. Not even kidding. Its better than many cafes in Singapore. Crisp on the outside while nice and soft on the inside, accompanied with a scoop of chocolate ice cream – I think I caught a whiff of waffle heaven. Had two servings of this, I regret not having more actually.

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This exquisitely vibrant fruit set-up here is the  Flambé Crepe station where you can get crepe suzettes with Grand Marnier or Cointreau and sugar syrup infused with geranium essential oil. Sounds fancy.

The Homemade Blueberry and Maqui powder pancakes here are good too.

Waffles, Pancakes or Crepes? Why not just have them all. I know I did, because why choose when you can have all of them?!

Those 3 desserts are not all. Of course any brunch can’t discount a well-stocked dessert counter.

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Oscar’s Black Forest Cake

Oscar’s guarantees to satisfy the sweet-tooth in you with a counter packed with endless rows of desserts.

Look forward to local, Asian as well as Western inspired desserts –  Oscar’s Black Forest Cake, Tofu and Green Tea Panna Cotta, Cendol Gula Meleka Espuma.

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There are also other a huge range of desserts and chocolate truffles. The possibilities are endless and decadent.

Overall, Oscar’s Sunday Brunch has an impressive spread, quality and innovative food as well as uncommon dishes for diners to experience. An incredible space that puts you at ease to enjoy a spectacular feast.

The Conrad Centennial Singapore Supercharged Sunday Brunch is available every Sunday, from 12.30pm to 3.30pm, at Oscar’s Restaurant, located on the lobby level.

Expected Damage:

Adult: S$98++ per person ; S$118++ per person (free flow of sparkling wine, house wines and selected cocktails) ; S$158++ per person (free flow of champagne, house wines and selected cocktails)

Special Promo with sethlui.com: 1 Dines Free with 3 Paying Adults. Quote “OscarsSL” when you make a reservation. This promo is valid till 31 July 2016.

Terms & conditions apply: Prior reservations required. Cannot be combined with other offers and/or discount benefits. Subject to availability and valid till 31 July 2016.  Blackout dates apply. The Hotel reserves the right to amend the above Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

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