Get Your Mexican Fix With Papi’s Tacos’ DIY Home Kit & More During This #StayHome Season


Ever since the Circuit Breaker was put in place, I haven’t really had the chance to have Mexican food. I’ve always been one who enjoys the occasional Mexican fare, so having to survive without it for the full duration of the Circuit Breaker would definitely be tough to handle.

Luckily for all you Mexican foodies out there, Papi’s Tacos is offering a DIY Home Kit so you can make your own tacos with fillings of your choice, all from the comfort of your kitchen. 

Papis Tacos Diy Home Kit Delivery Promos Singapore Apr 2020 Online

With a choice of three fillings ranging from grilled fish to chorizo sausages, this delightful Home Kit comes with three sides as well. It seems like a fun and interactive activity the whole family can participate in. The little ones will get to choose what goes on their tacos as well—it’s basically a picky eater’s dream! 

Moving on to adults-only drinks, Papi’s Tacos is also offering 1-litre bottles of Happy Hour margaritas. Sounds like a good plan to unwind and relax after a long day working from home. All you have to do is chill the margaritas, re-stir them, add ice and you’re good to go! Prices start from S$60+ for a litre of this refreshing cocktail. Worth it? It’s a yes from me. 

Papis Tacos Diy Home Kit Delivery Promos Singapore Apr 2020 Online 2

Papi’s Tacos is also on board with Trouble Brewing’s Adopt A Pub initiative. With the Circuit Breaker implemented in Singapore, many F&B restaurants and bars have been suffering great losses. 10% of all beer purchases on Trouble Brewing will go to Papi’s Tacos, at no additional cost to you at all. Let’s support our favourite local bars and restaurants as they push through these trying times. 

Be sure to pop by Papi’s Tacos’ website for their latest updates. Happy feasting! 

Dates & Times: Now available for delivery on Papi’s Tacos’ website

Prices: Individual prices available for respective items on Papi’s Tacos’ online menu