Pepper Bowl: Treat Yourself To A Satisfying Rice Bowl With Various Protein Cuts Under S$5 At Amoy Street Food Centre

Pepper Bowl at Amoy Street Food Centre is comfort food at it’s finest. Situated within the two-storey hawker that is bustling with popular stalls, you’d find that this one’s no exception with it’s snaking long queues during lunch time.

The stall offers three different types of rice bowls with various protein cuts to choose from. Whether you choose beef, chicken or pork, you’re guaranteed to be treated to a satisfying meal.

Upon observation, one of the most popular picks amongst customers patronising the stall seems to be the Black Pepper Beef Rice ($5). Loaded with a heap of beef and drenched in black pepper sauce, it’s easy to see why this mouth-watering rice bowl is so sought after. 

The portion served was pretty generous and most importantly, the beef slices were tender and succulent to boot. In addition to that, the cuts also managed to absorb the intense flavours from the peppery sauce fairly well.

Top it off with a flowy Onsen Egg ($0.60) to complete the meal. For a simple upgrade such as this, you’d be surprised by how much this amps up the taste of the entire bowl.

Not only did the molten egg yolk add a nice texture to the rice and meat, but the creamy egg whites certainly mixed well with the sweet onions and flecks of black pepper too.

I also liked the fact that the ground peppercorns added a substantial amount of heat without being overly spicy.

If you’re not a fan of beef, go for the Spring Onion Pork Rice ($4.50). Compared to the beef bowl, this had a more savoury tasting sauce base, offering a nice change of palate after we’d polished the first one.

Garnished with caramelised and spring onions, this dish was much simpler and came with a homely feel to it — something that is usually hard to come by when dining out. 

Much like the beef, the pieces of pork were lean and rich in flavour from the glaze sauce it was drenched in. While I still preferred the previous bowl, this proved to be a substantial pick all the same.

The final bowl we tried was the Chicken Chop Rice ($4.50). Sitting on the bed of rice is some grilled chicken topped with teriyaki sauce and coated in white sesame seeds.

Unlike the other rice bowls, the gravy for this had a more sticky consistency as opposed to the watered-down renditions we’ve had previously.

Together with the light drizzle of teriyaki sauce, the chicken thigh boasted a mild sweetness that really did serve to whet our appetites. My only gripe with this was that the sauce didn’t really do much for the rice, which ended up tasting too dry after a few spoonfuls.

What’s not to love about generous servings of meat piled onto bowls of steaming white rice that goes for not more than $5? The very fact that Pepper Bowl sells like hotcakes during lunch hour is already a surefire indication that the fare they serve is decent. 

So the next time you’re wondering where to eat at Amoy Street Food Centre, you can be sure to seek them out for some hearty and filling bowls that definitely won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Expected Damage: $4.50 – $5

Pepper Bowl: 7 Maxwell Rd, #02-102, Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 069111 | Opening Hours: 11am – 3pm daily, Closed on Sundays | Facebook