Pergh!Chicks: Affordable Muslim-owned eatery with IG-worthy lava curry rice & ayam percik

The Bugis area is a bustling food haven with rows and rows of delicious eateries, restaurants, bakeries and cafes. One of the eateries located in the Bugis precinct is Pergh!Chicks, a hidden gem tucked away along Bali Lane.

pergh chicks - storefront

You’ll spot Pergh!Chicks when you look out for its bright orange storefront. The Muslim-owned establishment is most well known for its delicious chicken dishes, such as ayam percik and chicken chops.

With colourful dishes that matched the vibrance of the store itself, I was excited to dig into Pergh!Chicks’ offerings.

What I tried at Pergh!Chicks

pergh chicks - nasi kukus volcano

The dish at Pergh!Chicks that caught my attention the most was the Nasi Kukus Volcano with Chicken Cutlet (S$9.50). In the centre of the plate was a metal cylinder filled with rice, curry and chunks of fried chicken.

pergh chicks - nasi kukus volcano

When the metal cylinder was lifted from the plate, the vibrant orange curry spilled out like a volcano — hence, its name.

pergh chicks - nasi kukus volcano

I was impressed at the visuals of the Nasi Kukus Volcano with Chicken Cutlet, and how the curry flowing down the sides of the rice resembled lava!

pergh chicks - nasi kukus volcano

The chicken cutlet was outstanding. It was incredibly crispy on the outside, yet tender, slightly chewy and soft on the inside. Each chunk of chicken was well-breaded and juicy. I also loved how generous Pergh!Chicks was with the portion of the chicken.

pergh chicks - nasi kukus volcano

The rice was fragrant and soft, and its aroma was further amplified by the generous pool of curry that coated the rice and chicken nicely. The curry was mild in spice but rich in flavour, with the fragrance of coconut milk permeating through the entire dish.

The side of salad offered a refreshing and light bite, complementing the more intense flavours of the curry.

I really enjoyed Pergh!Chicks’ Nasi Kukus Volcano with Chicken Cutlet. It was very worth its price, given the generosity of the portions and the quality of the ingredients. This is a dish that I would travel down just to get again.

pergh chicks - honey chop

The next dish we tried was the Honey BBQ Chop Set (S$9.50), which was served with a large honey BBQ chicken chop, blue pea rice, potato wedges, ketchup and salad.

pergh chicks - honey chop

The chicken chop had a slightly chewy texture and was well-marinated and coated in honey BBQ sauce. It was grilled nicely with a light char on its surface, giving it a smokey aroma. The honey BBQ sauce was slightly sweet and tangy, further adding to the smokiness of the meat.

pergh chicks - blue rice

The blue pea rice paired well with the more flavourful chicken chop. It helped to mellow out the sweeter flavours of the sauce.

pergh chicks - potato wedges

The potato wedges were crispy with a fluffy interior. They managed to retain their crisp texture and fresh taste even after being left to sit for twenty minutes!

Pergh!Chicks’ Honey BBQ Chop Set was very satisfying and filling, and just like the Nasi Kukus Volcano with Chicken Cutlet, its generous portions made it incredibly worth the price.

pergh chicks - percik wings

Who could leave Pergh!Chicks without trying their signature Percik Wings (S$16)? The dish came with six whole chicken wings skewered through satay sticks. The percik sauce coating the wings was creamy with a robust and aromatic taste. The charred chicken wings also added a bit of a smokey flavour to the dish.

Given how saucy the Percik Wings are, be warned that this is a messy yet satisfying dish to ingest!

pergh chicks - honey wings

The Honey Wings (S$16) were similar to the Percik Wings, except they were coated in the same honey BBQ sauce as the Honey BBQ Chop. The generous amount of honey BBQ sauce on the wings was tangy and not too sweet, providing the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

pergh chicks - beef burger

We then went for the Ramly-style Beef Burger (S$3.50), served with a beef patty, soft buns, lettuce and mayonnaise. Add-on options for an egg (S$1), cheese (S$1) or an extra patty (S$2) were available too, so we decided to add an egg and cheese to our burger.

pergh chicks - beef burger

The beef patty was tender and was topped with a liberal amount of mayonnaise and sweet brown sauce. The egg was fluffy while the cheese enhanced the umami flavours of the sauces and the beef. While it was relatively simple, the Ramly-style Beef Burger was comforting and affordable, making it a yummy and quick bite for lovers of Ramly burgers.

pergh chicks - creme brulee milk and mango sunrise

Pergh!Chicks’ drinks are definitely not to be missed either. I was wow-ed by the Creme Brulee Milk (S$7), which contained milk and brown sugar topped with cream. The drink reminded me very much of brown sugar milk, and I loved how incredibly creamy and delectable it was.

The Mango Sunset (S$6.50) was another fantastic beverage consisting of milk and mango syrup. When mixed, it developed a yoghurt-like taste similar to that of mango lassi, and wasn’t too sweet either.

Final thoughts

pergh chicks - dishes

I found the quality and portions of the food at Pergh!Chicks to be commendable, with the stand-out dish being the Nasi Kukus Volcano with Chicken Cutlet. All dishes were worth their prices, and the taste was as vibrant as their colours. I would most definitely return to Pergh!Chicks in the future for my ayam percik fix!

Expected damage: S$3.50 – S$9.50 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5


23 Bali Lane, Singapore 189859

Our Rating 4.5/5


23 Bali Lane, Singapore 189859

Telephone: +65 9665 9740
Operating Hours: 11am - 8.45pm (Daily)
Telephone: +65 9665 9740

Operating Hours: 11am - 8.45pm (Daily)
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