Soothe all sore throats and heartaches with this Pi Pa Gao doormat

Last Updated: December 19, 2020

Written by Nicole Lam

I have to admit I have spent an inordinate amount of time on Pinterest designing my future home. As all wannabe interior designers know, you need to some key accent pieces to really show your personality and quirky local brand WHENIWASFOUR is perfect.

A sore throat is certainly no fun and nothing can beat the soothing that uncomfortable scratchy feeling with a warm glass of pi pa gao. 

WHENIWASFOUR knows exactly how we feel and came up this adorable Pi Pa Gao Door Mat (S$17.90).  This mat features a bottle of our trusty Pi Pa Gao, adorably replaced some of the labels such as ‘Perseverance Gao’. A timely reminder to press on when facing any kind of challenge or hardship. Plus, the cutesified bottle of Pi Pa Gao is hard to resist.

Well, if Pi Pa Gao is not your go-to when things are tumultuous, WHENIWASFOUR has got you covered with this Po Chai Pills Door Mat (S$17.90). Just like the Pi Pa Gao Door Mat, this Po Chai Pills mat is just as charming. An adorable rendition of the trusty pill bottle, this doormat is equally hard to resist.

Who can forget how these pills came to our rescue when things started to turn south after a spicy Korean meal or a mala hotpot meal?

These pills are usually a lifesaver and that message is reflected in the exuberant mascot cheering you on. Whether you put this mat in the bathroom or anywhere around your house, they are a delightful addition indeed. WHENIWASFOUR is full of these endearing Singaporean items that are sure to add that unique Singaporean flavour and personality to your home. Plus, since Christmas is around the corner, these rugs make great gifts too!

Dates & Time: Available now on WHENIWASFOUR’s website here

Price: S$17.90 for each mat  

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