Savour Truffle Mushroom + Alfredo Prawn Pizza With San Francisco Inspired Crust From Pizza Hut

Whether you enjoy crispy crusts, or fluffy crusts, or even gooey crusts, the latest addition to Pizza Hut’s menu is sure to make you salivate.

Pizza Hut introduces a new crust—Light X Airy—to their already extensive menu, on 7 October 2019.  To top that off, you can look forward to two new flavours joining the pizza family: Alfredo Prawn and Truffle Shuffle.

Pizza Hut

I tried the new crust and pizza flavours at Pizza Hut’s first fast-casual dining experience in Paya Lebar Quarter Mall. Decked out with communal tables and an open kitchen, you can simply scan the QR codes on the table to access the menu and order through your phones, for a more seamless experience.

Light X Airy crust pizza hut

The Light X Airy crust is said to be inspired by San Francisco’s sourdough bread.

Since I visited San Francisco just about a week ago, I managed to get my hands on some sourdough bread. However, I didn’t enjoy the overly sour notes.

Luckily, Pizza Hut had cleverly tweaked it to be less sour so that it could suit a wider range of taste buds.

The crust is made with a unique dough and blended with natural yeast, which gives the crust a light and airy texture with subtle hints of the distinctive flavour of sourdough. Customers can look forward to trying it at all 24 dine-in stores islandwide from 7 October 2019.

Alfredo Prawn pizza hut

The Alfredo Prawn pizza was topped with prawns, alfredo sauce, pineapples, onions and mushrooms. The peppery goodness came through with a hint of spice when I bit into the prawns. I’d definitely recommend this for those who love some spice in their pizza!

The prawns were bouncy yet firm and the pineapples and mushrooms brought about more earthy elements to the dish, balancing out the different flavours of the dish.

Truffle Shuffle pizza hut

The Truffle Shuffle is generously topped with four different types of mushrooms: white button, shimeji, shiitake, and of course, truffle.

Afraid that the truffle would be too strong? Fret not, Pizza Hut balanced out the taste pretty well, and I could still savour the other three mushrooms as well. The tomatoes added a tangy flavour and matched well with the freshness of the arugula greens.

Curious how the new crust and artisanal flavours taste like? Hop on down to any of Pizza Hut’s dine-in outlets to try it for yourself!

Dates & Times: Now available at all 24 dine-in outlets

Prices: S$23.50 (regular), S$29.50 (large)