Playmade: Slurp Up Pink Cactus Smoothies & Burnt Caramel Milk Bubble Teas At Tampines 1

In case you haven’t realised by now, Singaporeans do love their bubble tea.

Remember the time when a certain bubble tea chain was set to leave the Singapore market? Literally everyone we knew went above and beyond to get that one last cup of their favourite bubble tea. 


Thankfully, we won’t have to worry about this bubble popping, as the craze continues to go strong with the arrival of this much-hyped import from Taiwan.


Located at Tampines 1 Mall, Playmade stands out with its snaking queues. This store is all about daily preparation and sourcing of fresh ingredients.

Unlike other bubble tea stores out there, every ingredient that goes into your bubble tea here is hand-made with natural ingredients. That’s right; the staff here aren’t cutting corners.


This is also probably the only store in Singapore where you’ll find freshly-made flavoured pearls, and we have to say they look pretty tantalising.

But is this new bubble tea store really worth the hype? We decided to head down to give the latest contender in the bubble tea scene a go.


First on our list: the Pink Cactus Smoothie With Pink Cactus Pearls (Large) ($7.10).

Apparently, this beverage is a signature of the store. The pink cactus that goes into your drink is only found in the Penghu province of Taiwan. The bright pink juice of the plant is meticulously extracted and added au naturel to your very own cup of bubble tea.


You’ll notice the flavours resembling the floral, sweet, milky taste of Bandung with a slightly sour aftertaste. A rather interesting concoction there, and definitely worth a try. 


Next up, we got our hands on the popular crowd favourite, the Burnt Caramel Milk Tea With Black Sesame Pearls (Medium) ($4.40). It wasn’t difficult to figure out why this was the no-brainer choice for conventional bubble tea drinkers.


The flavours did not stray much from the way Singaporeans like their traditional milk tea, though it took on a creative twist that enhanced the drink. The subtle charred taste in the beverage complemented the black sesame pearls so well, we couldn’t help but keep going back for more.


We then moved on to another show-stopper, the Orange Pulp Green Tea With Pink Cactus (Large) ($7.40).


If the vibrant splash of colours isn’t enough to entice you to get a cup for yourself, wait ’til you take your first sip of this rejuvenating drink. The combination of citrus notes and green tea gave off a fragrant aroma, and the tangy aftertaste would leave you absolutely refreshed after a hot day out in the sun. 

What’s more, the drink is filled with juicy orange pulp! When paired with the chewy pink cactus pearls, you’ll experience a unique texture like no other.


Or for all those with a sweet tooth out there, you’ll love the absolutely sweet combination of flavours in the Cocoa Latte With White Pearls (Large) ($6.70). Chocoholics won’t be able to resist this one; nor could we.  



We’re totally digging this new trend of flavoured pearls in bubble tea. Gone are the days where endless chewing of pearls would result in the total disintegration of flavours, and even a sore jaw. We can’t help but rave about these natural, handmade, flavoured pearls at Playmade.

From now ’til stocks last, you’ll even receive two complimentary Pink Berry Cookies with every order of two Pink Cactus Smoothies.

So hurry and head on down to Playmade for your bubble tea cravings. But be warned, you might want to avoid the lunchtime crowd and evening rush hour as the lines can get a tad out of hand.

Expected damage: $5 – $9 per pax

Playmade: #01-59, Tampines 1, 10 Tampines Central 1, Singapore 529536 | Tel: +65 9878 7961 | Opening Hours: 10am- 10pm (Daily) | Website | Facebook