Pokemon Cafe Popup: Back With More Food That Look Too Cute To Eat

Pokemon Cafe Exterior

Pokemon fans rejoice! After such a successful run in May this year, the pop-up Pokemon Cafe is back in collaboration with Everything With Fries (EwF) at Bugis Junction.

From 24th Nov 2016 to 19th Feb 2017, get your queue on to sample some of the cutest Pokemon food creations yet. The cafe is Alola region themed, in line with the recent launch of the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games.

Pokemon Cafe Drinks

It’s island vibes throughout with drinks like the Pokemon Cafe’s Alola Milk ($11) and Iced Island Tea ($12). The cute Alola milk is bottled sweet cereal goodness, ideally drunk when chilled.

I was a big fan of the iced tea which came in a take-home Exeggutor bottle featuring an accompanying charm.

Pokemon Cafe Dish 2

Pikachu features ALOT on the menu, and I’m definitely not complaining! The I Love Pikachu Patty ($20) is a fan’s Instagram dream, with a bold and cute yellow Pikachu crepe wrapped around mash potato and chicken patty.

The overall taste with the brown sauce and the tomato rice is honestly nothing to write home about, but the cuteness factor alone was through the roof. Plus, you can even bring home a Pokemon tomato ketchup bottle!

Pokemon Cafe Curly Fries

You can’t really go wrong with curly fries and the Alola Region’s Fish ‘N Fries ($15) were pretty tasty and especially fun to dip in the Great Ball Mayo and Poke Ball Ketchup. Blue mayonnaise?? I could get on board with that.

Pokemon Cafe Dish 3

A fatter Pikachu features on Pikachu’s Ice Cream Bun, Level Up With Rare Candy ($18) which was a fun dish to deconstruct. Raspberry Ripple ice cream is sandwiched between buns which lay on almond streusel sand and fresh berries.

Spot the rare candy on the plate and you’re in for a surprise!

Pokemon Cafe Dish 1

Volttackle Is Strong ($15) is aptly named to illustrate Pikachu right in the center of his best move. An explosion of flavours await when you combine bites of this marshmallow praline cake with the surrounding caramelized marshmallow and berry sauce.

Pokemon Cafe Merchandise

As excited as I was about the food, the merchandise section was calling my name. Original and exclusive Pokemon Sun & Moon themed merchandise have been stocked, ready for bragging rights.

Gotta Get Em’ All!

Pokemon Cafe Fans

I even chanced upon a few mega fans who’ve already tailored Pokemon Sun & Moon costumes just in time for the release of the games. Don’t worry if you dropped the (Poke) ball on that though, you can always borrow a Pikachu hoodie for a photo at the 3D photo booth.

2016 seems set to be the year of the Pokemon comeback, and I’m more than happy to be swept up in the hype. I guess cute-looking food does compromise on the taste, but it’s the novelty that’s worth a visit.

Head up to Level 4 of Bugis Junction today if you want to be the very best like no one ever was.

Expected Damage: $20 – $30 per pax

Pokemon Cafe @EWF (Bugis Junction): 24th Nov 2016 – 19th Feb 2017 | 200 Victoria Street, #04-05, Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021 | Tel: +65 6338 0135 | Website