Power Rojak Bandung: 21-year-old family business with sotong bakar, unique rojak & 10 types of congee

As a person who’s obsessed about nuts, rojak is one of my favourite indulgent dishes to enjoy because of all the yummy crushed nuts sprinkled on top. When I chanced upon Power Rojak Bandung on social media, I knew I had to make my way down to Ayer Rajah Food Centre to give it a try.

power rojak bandung - hawker centre

It was my first time patronising this hawker centre, and I loved how the stall numbers were displayed clearly like that of our HDB blocks.

power rojak bandung - stall front

The family-run business has been operating for the past 21 years and is currently managed by 28-year-old Mr Firdaus Bhai and his 2 elder sisters, who take turns to help out. The 3 siblings took over from their father who comes to the stall for only an hour once in a while.

power rojak bandung - siblings

Firdaus is active on TikTok, where he regularly posts about his food adventures, and has an impressive 64.7K followers.

power rojak bandung - rojak

The menu has about 4 types of rojak and 10 types of congee for you to choose from.

What I tried at Power Rojak Bandung

power rojak bandung - rojak bandung

I started things off with the Rojak Bandung (S$6 for small). It consisted of bee hoon, kangkong, cuttlefish, tau pok, beansprouts, cucumber, turnip pieces and was topped with crushed peanuts, served with a piece of calamansi.

At first glance, the dish looked just like jiu he eng cai (cuttlefish salad with kangkong), a popular Chinese dish.

power rojak bandung - rojak bandung kangkong

The dish had a marvellous play on textures with varying levels of crunchiness coming from the beansprouts, kangkong, pieces of turnip and crushed peanuts— it was fun chewing on them.

The pieces of cuttlefish were the fulfilment of my gustatory dreams— tender and smooth. The fiery spiciness crept up on my taste buds like the tortoise in the race; slowly but surely.

power rojak bandung - cuttlefish

The addition of bee hoon in the dish was a unique touch. The fine strands absorbed all the flavours like a sponge— it was my first time trying such a combination.

power rojak bandung - bee hoon

We then moved on to the next dish, the Rojak Petis Power (S$8). It looked regal with a truckload of ingredients piling up on the plate. There were pieces of cucumber, pineapple, you tiao, tau pok, turnip cubes, century egg, preserved ginger and it was topped with pieces of dried cuttlefish with a drizzling of rojak sauce and crushed peanuts.

power rojak bandung - rojak petir

Before mixing everything, I added some bursts of freshness to the dish with the calamansi at the side.

power rojak bandung - squeeze of lime

You can have a dual experience from the pieces of you tiao. Have it at the start when it’s still flaky and crispy, or let them soak all the flavourful gravy lying at the bottom.

power rojak bandung - youtiao

There was an arc of bitterness, sweet notes and umami flavours coming from the pieces of dried cuttlefish. The century egg and preserved ginger combo is usually found in wu xiang xia bing (5-spice rolls), so it was interesting to have it within a plate of rojak.

power rojak bandung - dried cuttlefish

The last dish I had, Bubur Kampong (S$4) was actually recommended by Firdaus. It was a bowl of thick congee which came topped with ikan bilis, peanuts, salted vegetables, fried shallots, coriander and half a salted egg.

power rojak bandung - bubur kampung

power rojak bandung - bubur kampung condiments

The various condiments on top made a drab bowl of congee transform into a fancy porridge brimming with loud and vibrant nuances.

The savoury and tangy hints coming from the salted veggies coupled with the crunchiness of the ikan bilis and peanuts turned into a party in my mouth!

power rojak bandung - porridge closeup

The small dish of sambal kicap may have been quietly sitting by the side, but it was a total game changer when I emptied it into the congee.

power rojak bandung - pouring of sambal kicap

The flavours of the Bubur Kampong were enhanced and became a little spice bomb, causing beads of sweat to appear on my forehead as I had more mouthfuls.

Final thoughts

power rojak bandung - overview

Although I used up a full packet of tissue because of the sweltering heat and the spice level of the dishes, I was left feeling satisfied and invigorated from all the chillies.

All the dishes that I tried were special and I’m glad the long journey there was worth it. 

Do drop by and say hi to Firdaus and his sisters when you’re around the vicinity.

Expected damage: S$4 – S$12 per pax

Al Mahboob Rojak: Crispy, fresh, and flavourful Indian rojak in Tampines

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Power Rojak Bandung

503 West Coast Drive, Ayer Rajah Food Centre, #01-63, Singapore 120503

Our Rating 4/5

Power Rojak Bandung

503 West Coast Drive, Ayer Rajah Food Centre, #01-63, Singapore 120503

Operating Hours: 12.15pm - 7.45pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

Operating Hours: 12.15pm - 7.45pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon
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