There’s an IG designer fashioning designer Prada out of bread and sushi

What’s the first word that flashes in your mind when the word “haute couture” is mentioned? Is it “expensive”? Is it “stylish”? Or is it “delicious”? As preposterous as it sounds, designer fashion can be tasty—at least in the hands of Instagram designer Daisuke or @dimda_ as he’s known on the ‘gram.

The Japanese designer is famous on IG after going viral on multiple occasions for innovative takes on luxe designer goods. A bubble tea holder made with velvety leather embellished with the Louis Vuitton monogram? Yeah, that’s the dream.

Daisuke has crafted many pieces of creative, off-beat trinkets including a new series of Prada items—and even a fully functional lighter—fashioned out of bread. Now, that’s lit.

Dimda Daisuke Prada bread

If you’re a fan of both Prada and bread, then the IG designers’ glossy egg-washed recreations might be the signature piece you never knew you wanted. Not only is it shaped immaculately but the attention to detail is also stunning, with intricate fork marks mimicking stitch marks.

If Prada actually released this as a pastry pop-up kinda affair, I would gladly eat it. No cap.

Dimda Daisuke Prada sushi
Credit –  (1), (2)

But bread is just the appetiser, Daisuke also served up some Prada handbags out of more unconventional items. How’d you like your Prada handbag deep-fried? Because his tonkatsu imitation of Prada is looking flawlessly golden brown. That airy coating might even give places like Ma Maison a run for their money.

Or if you’re looking for a healthier traditional Japanese meal, there’s also a Sushi Prada handbag. It comes with Korean seaweed laid upon some rice, and even has a side of kimchiWhat better way to make high fashion relatable than through the common connector, food? We’re definitely fans of Daisuke’s wacky designs, maybe more so than the real McCoy.

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