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R&B Tea Singapore Is Changing Their Large Cups In A Couple Of Weeks

Last Updated: November 9, 2019

Written by Hendrick Yeo

It was just another ordinary day, grabbing lunch outside my office. My colleague, who was ordering her dose of bubble tea from R&B Tea Singapore, spotted this sign put up at their Toa Payoh kiosk.

R&B TeaSwitching Their Large Sized Cups

I was rather intrigued. Could this change be brought about by insightful data that revealed the true worth of upsizing your drink to a Large drink?

To the fans of R&B Tea Singapore, please take this with a pinch of salt. According to a Facebook user by the name of Jeremy Tan, he did calculations to find out if the medium and large sizes of seven bubble tea brands had much difference in the amount of liquid after upsizing the drinks.

This is with the assumption that all bubble teas he ordered had the same amount of ice.

Guess who came in with the smallest difference in the amount of liquid? No prizes for this.

To summarise, the bubble tea brand who had the most consistent difference in the amount of liquid for both entry level drink and expensive drink was Koi, which makes upsizing bubble tea the most worth it, while the bubble tea brand who came in last was R&B Singapore.

Jeremy Tan made a video to confirm the small difference between R&B’s Medium and Large sizes.

We can only speculate, but I’d like to believe this move is in response to this now-public (and widely shared) discovery.

Nonetheless, I hope R&B Singapore comes back with a much-improved version of their Large cups.

Dates & Times: TBC at all R&B Tea outlets

Prices: From S$2.80 onwards

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