Durian Chendol Boba Milk Now Available At All R&B Stores In SG

Last Updated: July 8, 2019

Written by Harry

Durian season is well underway with the introduction of R&B‘s new Durian Chendol Boba Milk! Available now at all R&B stores islandwide, this localised drink combines elements of durian and chendol for a uniquely delectable experience.

The Durian Chendol Boba Milk (S$5.80) boasts an interesting lineup of ingredients, all locally beloved within Singapore. Durian is the main star, alongside chendol jelly and red beans giving a totally authentic experience.

R&B’s signature hand-made brown sugar pearls are then added, accompanying the rich coconut cream-infused fresh milk. The coconut cream-infused fresh milk cuts the sweetness of the other sugary elements in the beverage, expertly balancing flavours for your satisfied palate.

The ingredients are layered over each other for an aesthetically-pleasing gradient effect, worthy of an Instagram story feature on your next day out!

r&b-3 durian chendol

We love personally love durians and here’s hoping there will be plenty more of these durian related developments to savour for the rest of durian season! Hurry down to indulge in this limited release seasonal item while it lasts.

Dates & Times: Now available at all R&B outlets except for Buangkok Square

Price: S$5.80 per drink

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