Restaurant All Family: Chinese restaurant sells roast duck rice, chicken rice, roast pork rice & noodles at RM4.50 each

To describe Restaurant All Family in one word would be: economical. All the dishes sold there have only one price tag— RM4.50. Yes, you read that right!

It all began when all the local hawkers were raising prices to cope up with inflation, I wondered— was there still a place in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor that sold a full meal below the price of RM5? Even chicken rice stalls which used to sell their dishes at RM4.50 have all hiked it up to RM5.  

This was how I came across a little restaurant tucked away in a neighbourhood in Klang which reportedly served roast duck rice, chicken rice, salted chicken rice, roast pork rice, char siew rice and wan tan noodles. Each at the price of RM4.50. 

Restaurant - menu

At first I was apprehensive. Was it like those restaurants which served miniature plates at super low prices and you’d have to order two or three bowls to fill you up. I researched and thankfully, it revealed that the portions were that of adequate lunch servings. 

Restaurant All Family - interior

A bright yellow wooden banner stood at the corner. On it was a long list of dishes offered— all for the affordable price of RM4.50. I was at the right place. The owner was busy swinging his cleaver onto the glistening roast duck on the chopping board.

What I tried at Restaurant All Family 

Restaurant All Family - dishes

When the two plates were brought to the table, I was still in complete disbelief as I handed over RM9 for the meal. Truth be told, a plate of economy rice consisting of meat, vegetables and rice would have incurred more. 

Restaurant All Family - roast duck rice

I sized up the portions immediately as an attempt to justify the affordable pricing. The rice on both plates were definitely generous and I was surprised to see a rather large portion of roast duck on the plate. This plate could have easily cost me RM8 to RM9 at any other hawker stall. Meanwhile on the roast pork plate, the pork slices were definitely very lean and smaller in portion, overshadowed by the rice. This plate made more sense price-wise.

Restaurant All Family - duck rice

I started the ball rolling with the roast duck rice. It came served with the customary chunks of cucumbers and a bowl of chilli. When it comes to roast duck, I always look for two things: the skin has to be roasted just enough so that it’s crispy but still has that fatty juicy texture and tender meat. The rice was nothing to write home about but when eaten together with the duck, it definitely made for a satisfying meal. The skin wasn’t the crispiest but it was still delicious. Another qualm I had was the rather sweet sauce which didn’t really sit well with me. 

Restaurant All Family - roast pork rice

Roast duck inhaled, I shifted my eyes towards the untouched roast pork rice. The roast pork paled in comparison— the crispy skin at the top was rather thin so it didn’t have that noticeable crack when I bit into it. The meat on the other hand wasn’t on the satisfyingly salty end however when paired with the rice, it was filling. I’d definitely recommend the roast duck rice over the roast pork rice. 

Final thoughts

Restaurant All Family - roast duck rice

Along with my iced Chinese tea, the entire meal came up to RM9.60. As baffled as I was, a large part of me was really grateful that restaurants like this understood the need not to dish out cut-throat prices. And if you were going to complain that the roast meats weren’t up to your standards, I would straight up tell you to head to another restaurant where you would then scoff at the prices.  

Restaurant All Family - exterior

One thing I noticed in the restaurant was that— it had a very laid back kopitiam vibe. There weren’t any long queues, and people sipped on cups of coffee after enjoying their meal. It all felt rather peaceful. If you’re ever in Klang and are looking for a tasty meal that’s friendly on the wallet as well, I’d definitely recommend you to head to Restaurant All Family. 

Expected damage: RM4.50 – RM6 per pax 

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Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Restaurant All Family

Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Our Rating 4/5

Restaurant All Family

Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Telephone: +6016 758 4325
Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm (Daily)
Telephone: +6016 758 4325

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm (Daily)