Sun Ming Kee Restaurant: Head to Cheras for crunchy charcoal roast pork & fantastic char siu

Yes, fellow foodies… I am back with yet another roast pork review (and nothing’s going to stop me from uncovering more). If you’re familiar with my roast pork adventures, then you’d know that I recently bequeathed the roast pork bragging rights to the amazing charcoal roast pork served at Pudu’s Wong Mei Kee. But what if I told you that I recently came across a new roast pork contender by the name of Sun Ming Kee Restaurant? Yes, keep reading.

Sun Ming Kee Restaurant - exterior

Located in Cheras, my heightened roast pork senses picked up this hidden gem through word of mouth. They supposedly serve charcoal roast pork (similar to Wong Mei Kee) which apparently  is a must-try, so how could I not?

It wasn’t even lunchtime but there was already a queue gathered outside. That left me impressed. Was Sun Ming Kee Restaurant that good? 

What I tried at Sun Ming Kee Restaurant

Ordering here is a straightforward process. Head straight to the counter (which is on the left) and you’ll be handed a menu. Once you’ve made your pick, you’ll pay upfront before you’ are handed a table number.  

I hesitated to include this in the article but here it is: please sit at the table assigned to you by the cashier. This is to ensure that the right food is sent to your table, and you wouldn’t have to get a lecture from the very annoyed waitress. I had the fortune to witness two elderly gentlemen go through this and minutes later, they begrudgingly shifted tables. 

Sun Ming Kee Restaurant -dishes

Within 10 minutes, I received my order: Roast Chicken and Char Siu Combo (RM10) and of course, a small serving of the Charcoal Roast Pork (RM12)

Dish - roast pork

Right off the bat, my attention was drawn to the Roast Pork. Just from its appearance, I could tell that this roast pork was going to blow my mind. The golden brown shatteringly crispy pork skin sat atop a melting, jelly-like layer of pork fat. And at the bottom a stump of tender, juicy meat— definitely hits all the right roast pork notes! I wish I was joking but I honestly think I was bewitched by the Roast Pork

Dish - roast pork

I plucked a piece of juicy-looking roast pork and popped it into my already salivating mouth. Oh, the crunch. The crunch went on for miles. Right when the crunch ends, then comes the juicy fat harmonising with the oh-so tender meat. Not to forget the salty aftertaste— it was like a symphony. It was so unbelievably good that I lifted another piece into my mouth and fell into the same pool of porcine ecstasy. That crispy crackling is easily one of the most amazing things I’ve ever placed in my mouth. 

Sun Ming Kee - char siu

I pulled myself from the enchanting sirens of the roast pork and focused my attention on the Char Siu. Having eaten char siu from the likes of TNR by Sean and Angie and Char Siew Yoong, I foolishly assumed that it would taste very ordinary. Oh boy, was I extremely wrong. I’ have never felt so humbled by a piece of barbecued pork and Sun Ming Kee Restaurant’s Char Siu brings me down to my knees begging for forgiveness. 

Dish - char siu

The taste was almost candy-like. The exterior of the Char Siu had a beautiful reddish glaze and tucked inside, the fatty meat. I couldn’t believe that I’d been missing out on this barbecued beauty. It didn’t have the melt-in-your-mouth feel, but the finger-licking sticky glaze compensated more than enough. 

The last on the plate was the Roast Chicken— which frankly by now paled in comparison to its porcine counterpart. Sure, the chicken was rather tender and juicy but it could never come close to the Roast Pork or the Char Siu

Final thoughts

Sun Ming Kee Restaurant - food

Just as I thought I’d tried the best roast pork and char siu in Klang Valley, I found another that impressed me. Having eaten here, I now understand why so many customers were patiently queuing and why many were ordering by the platter. 

It was a little too late when I discovered that Sun Ming Kee Restaurant was also known for their coveted charcoal roast duck. Oh well, I now have an excuse to go back for more roast meat! And I suggest you do the same. Bring your friends and family, order an entire platter and succumb to gluttony. Trust me, it’s worth every calorie. 

Expected damage: RM10 – RM20 per pax

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Price: $

Our Rating: 5 / 5

Sun Ming Kee Restaurant

137, Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Rating 5/5

Sun Ming Kee Restaurant

137, Jalan Sarjana, Taman Connaught, 56000 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone: +6010 262 4992
Operating Hours: 10am - 4pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue
Telephone: +6010 262 4992

Operating Hours: 10am - 4pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue