Rhombus Pizza: DIY As Many Mini Pizzas As You Want At This S$15 Free-Flow Buffet In Changi Rd

Everybody loves pizza, no exceptions. So when we stumbled upon Rhombus Pizza and found that we could become pizza chefs for the day, we were more than delighted.

Just a mere walk away from Eunos MRT, this halal-certified eatery is the first that allows diners to create their very own mini pizzas with the various toppings available. At just $15 for adults and $12 for children, you’ll get to make and eat as much mini pizzas as you want within the duration of 90 minutes.

Each table will be provided with an electric pizza oven that is capable of baking your pizza in four to six minutes flat; all you have to do is pop it in the oven. 

But first things first, you’ve got to pick out some toppings from the selection of condiments they have over the counter. There was a total of about 15 savoury toppings so there’s quite a substantial variety to choose from. 

There, you’ll find classic pizza toppings such as salami slices, olives, button mushrooms, corn, capsicums and of course, mozzarella cheese.

After priming your pizza bread with the tomato-based sauce provided, pile on your desired toppings and spread them evenly over the base. And, don’t forget to sprinkle a good amount of cheese over it for some melty goodness!

Once done, make use of the spatula to pop your pizza into the oven and wait for it to heat up. You’ll know it’s ready once the bread appears noticeably crisp and is slightly brown around the edges. 

It should look something like this when it’s good to eat! Feel free to get creative and come up with all sorts of pizza combinations clearly, our strategy was just to pile on all the toppings we had to get the best of everything. 

While waiting for your pizza to heat up, you’ll notice that the buffet also comes with free-flow sides such as spaghetti bolognese with minced chicken, chicken drumsticks and mushroom soup.

You can also help yourselves to beverages from the dispenser including green tea and ice lemon tea if you’re parched!

Aside from the savoury pizza, they also provide sweet toppings for those who wish to create some dessert renditions. 

Instead of the tomato sauce, make use of the Nutella spread as a base and pile on treats, including chocolate chips, honey stars, oreo crumble, mini marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles.

While the ingredients provided were pretty standard, we had fun experimenting with the various topping combinations while we were there. And for a buffet style concept, I’d say you’d definitely get your money’s worth here.

Be sure to make some reservations before heading over so as to avoid disappointment because the seats get filled up real fast!

Expected Damage: $15 per pax

Rhombus Pizza: 116 Changi Road, #01-02 WIS @ Changi, Singapore 419718 |Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday (12pm – 10pm), Closed on Mondays | Tel: 9844 0210 | Facebook