Malaysia’s roti canai tops World’s 50 Best Street Foods list

“Up for supper? Let’s go for some roti canai, lah!” Every Malaysian is well-versed with this affordable and delicious dish. Whether consumed for breakfast, tea time or supper, this dish has been an all-time Malaysian favourite due to its flaky and crispy texture. And that is why it is no surprise that the roti canai has been ranked the best street food by the Croation-based travel guide TasteAtlas.

Roti Canai - dish
Credit – Wikipedia

The dishes in the list were ranked based on audience ratings following a 5-star system in which Malaysia’s beloved roti canai earned a stellar 4.9 out of 5 rating. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the history of this dish, it was brought to Malaysia by Indian migrants in the 1800s and had a very humble start as it was a staple enjoyed by the labourers.

Taste Atlas - list

According to the updated list on TasteAtlas website, Japanese karaage came in second place and China’s pan-fried variety of the Chinese jiaozi dumpling, known as guotie coming in third. More than 10,000 different cuisines, drinks, and over 9,000 different eateries have been catalogued by the organisation.

It’s refreshing to see our roti canai is getting the recognition it deserves!

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