Saboten Tonkatsu (IMM): Singapore Food Review

  “Quality Japanese katsu at affordable prices.”

saboten - exerior

Considered to be the largest Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) chain in Japan, Saboten is a simply spectacular dining experience. In lieu of an exciting change of pace, the outlet Saboten @ IMM has been chosen to unveil a brand new dining concept. With over 500 branches worldwide, Saboten has become the go-to place for katsu aficionados, doling out quality Japanese deep-fried pork and chicken cutlets.

If you like fried stuff, Japanese culture and eating, Saboten has it all. saboten - chawanmushi

Chawanmushi. A must-have side for Japanese cuisine (and having had a fair share of Japanese cuisine myself), the Chawanmushi is a dish that hardly impresses. However, the Chawanmushi served at Saboten struck me as not your run-of-the-mill thick egg custards you find in most restaurants.

This one was watery, soft and fluffy in texture, and heavily comprised of ingredients such as fresh crab meat and corn to add to the texture.

saboten - salad

Do not be fooled by it’s disheveled appearance, this bowl of cabbage, when mixed together with the very delicious secret recipe dressing can really make your taste buds soar. The cabbage is served cold, therefore very refreshing to the taste.

saboten - set 2saboten - hotatesaboten - sashimi

 Scallop and Aka Ebi Mentai and Mini Tenderloin Katsu Set ($20.90). The scallops were soft and pillowy and were dripping in tasty juice. The prawn, so large it spanned the size of the serving plate, is generously coated with ebi mayo for our indulgence. I felt the sashimi slices were decent to me, flavourful and rich in taste.

saboten - pork cutlet

The star of the set had to be the heavenly breaded pork cutlet. The crispy exterior lends a packed crunch into the tender meat it encloses, beckoning wafts of steam to emit from the katsu. saboten - sesame saboten - sesame 2 saboten - sesame 3 saboten - cutlet

If you’re willing to work for your food, pick up the Shiso wood, and start separating the husks from the sesame seeds in the bowl that accompanies that set. Pour in the katsu sauce found on every table, and dip your golden-brown cutlet into the concoction for enhanced tastes and flavours.

saboten - shabu shabu

Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu. Slices of beef sliced so thinly they melt in your mouth are at your mercy as you cook them in the pot. Unless you’re a fan of your beef very well-done, be careful not to leave them on for too long! Although not a very large portion, the price is pretty affordable.

saboten - interior 2

To maintain the juicy and succulent textures of their pork cutlets, Saboten imports fresh pork from Indonesia, instead of using frozen meat. The high quality breadcrumbs that are responsible for the crispy and non-greasy exterior are specially imported from Japan. Many of the sauces are also imported direct form Japan.

Offering the finest ingredients at very affordable prices, Saboten is the ideal venue for fun and casual dates, and family lunches or dinners.

Saboten @ IMM: 2 Jurong East Street 21, #01-19, IMM Building | Singapore 609601 | Tel: 6898 3432 | Website