Sam Yat Coffee: Cafe That Serves Up Familiar Kopitiam Dishes With A Modern Twist

Sam Yat Coffee - 1

Conceived by the creators of Tiong Bahru Pau, Sam Yat Coffee is their rendition of a Kopitiam-esque eatery, except with a modern twist. This was certainly a refreshing change from the hipster cafes that surround the vicinity.

Sam Yat Coffee - 2

Simplicity is at its finest when it comes to their interior. With white tiled walls and classic wooden tables, they have a pleasantly clean environment compared to the typical coffee shops we are used to frequenting. Not to mention the fact that it is air-conditioned, offering a nice refuge from the heat of the sun. 

Sam Yat Coffee - 3

Toast set ($4.20)

Although they had various local delicacies on their lunch menu such as economic bee hoon and laksa, I decided to go for the holy breakfast trinity instead. Like other coffee shops, their toast set includes the familair trio: kaya butter toast, two soft boiled eggs and a choice drink of either coffee or tea.

Sam Yat Coffee - 4

Their traditional Kaya butter toast was nothing special, but up to my standards nonetheless. With a generous Kaya spread and a slab of butter wedged between each toast, it was a delight to have. The toast was also notably crisp around the edges, giving it a nice crunch.

Other options include the peanut butter toast ($1.60), steamed butter kaya ($3), french toast ($3) and scrambled eggs on toast ($3) if you prefer to go without the set.

Sam Yat Coffee - 5

The soft boiled eggs were cooked just right, in my opinion. The yolk was runny and the egg whites were consistent in texture. Topped with the usual soya sauce and white pepper combination, I slurped the entire bowl within seconds.

Sam Yat Coffee - 6

Unfortunately their tea wasn’t exactly my “cup of tea” as I had better at other tea/coffee joints such as Ya Kun. There is obviously room for improvement in their fresh brews if they want to outdo their competitors. 

Sam Yat Coffee - 7

Kaya Bingsu ($6)

The highlight of my visit was most definitely their kaya bingsu. Unlike the typical bingsu that is doused in sweet syrup, their milk ice was laced with kaya which made it more natural tasting without any additives. Topped with red bean and Julie biscuit crumbs, it was the perfect local spin on the popular Korean dessert.

Sam Yat Coffee - 8

Serving up your favourite local delights, complete breakfast sets and unique desserts, Sam Yat Coffee is a great place to go to unwind and catch up with friends over a tea break. I would return solely for their kaya bingsu and perhaps to try their other desserts. 

Expected damage: $4.20 – $6.00

Sam Yat Coffee, 241 Outram Road, Singapore 169044 | Tel: 6224 2723 | Website | Opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday (8am – 9pm), Closed on Mondays