Sengkang pasar malam with fried durian & rendang otah open throughout CNY holiday

I know what you’re saying, “Oh no, Aaron! Not another pasar malam?!” But wait, I’ve scouted a bunch of unique eats that you’ll be able to get at Sengkang pasar malam, which will be running till 29 Jan 2023.

sengkang pasar malam - exterior

Located just next to Sengkang MRT, the night bazaar boasts a total of 38 food stalls, lined up nicely side-by-side in 2 rows. The first thing that got my attention was a bright yellow stall called Cheese Love.

This Halal spot had a variety of cheese bites including Cheese Stick, Cheese Nuggets and Cheese Ham (S$8 for any 5 pieces). But I ignored all of that and went for the Crispy Fried Durian (S$8 for 4) instead.

sengkang pasar malam - cheese love

sengkang pasar malam - fried durian

The batter was crumbly and crispy. The durian filling was slightly chewy like mochi, and had actual durian pulp. Although the quality wasn’t the best, it was still satisfying as a pick-me-up snack.

Another stall which piqued my curiosity was Ikan (also known as ‘fish’ in Malay). Those with a penchant for otah should definitely check this out.

sengkang pasar malam - rendang otah

I tried the Rendang (S$4.50 for 5) and it was delicious! Just imagine an infusion of all the flavourful notes of rendang being packed into a piece of otah. Ikan also has other varieties like Scallop, Crab, Sambal Chilli and Squid.

sengkang pasar malam - honeycomb stall

I spotted Yum Cha.Sg with a long snaking queue. I decided to join in the craze and everyone in front of me ordered the same thing, the Honeycomb Ice Cream (S$8). And so did I.

sengkang pasar malam - honeycomb ice cream

It had crispy cornflakes and strawberry pearls at the bottom. It was then topped with a generous serving of vanilla soft serve, a drizzle of honey, and a substantial piece of honeycomb. One word to describe it: shiok!

sengkang pasar malam - stalls

If you feel like settling your dinner here, Street Wok offers local delights like Laksa Lemak (S$7), Kway Teow Kerang Lechak (S$7) and Mee Cili Betawi (S$7). Satisfy your Taiwanese food cravings at Taiwan 小吃 with snacks like Sesame Seed Crispy Chicken (S$5.50) and Fried King Oyster Mushrooms (S$4).

sengkang pasar malam - durian

If you’re yearning to savour the King of Fruits, I spotted a durian stall selling Mao Shan Wang (S$12 per kg), Red Prawn (S$10 each) and Sultan (S$10 each). So go for that!

sengkang pasar malam - funfair

Besides food, those with little ones can look forward to a variety of funfair activities, amusement rides and plenty of claw machines.

sengkang pasar malam - lady snacks

The residents of Sengkang are a lucky bunch, as this pasar malam will be operational even during the Chinese New Year holiday period.

Come decked out in your dazzling new clothes and check this place out!

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