Shake Shack opens 5th outlet at Vivocity — S$2 Christmas shakes & exclusive concretes await

Whenever there’s a Shake Shack event, I’m always the first one there. Yes, “basic” as I may be, I allow few things to stand in between my Double ShackBurger (S$12.70) and I. Opening its 5th outlet at Vivocity, the big Shack’s popularity is a testament to just how much everyone adores the fast-food chain too.

Shake Shack Vivo 5

Personally, my heart belongs to the dreamy al fresco seating which is accompanied by fairy lights and great views of the bay. Wolfing down some of my favourite burgers while watching the day slowly melt into the night is definitely my idea of kicking back.

Shake Shack Vivocity Outlet Exclusives

SS Vivo

Over at Suntec’s outlet, there was the ShackMeister Special (S$10.90). Here, there’ll be not only one, but two special concretes exclusive to Vivocity. The first is the Sugee Boogie concrete (S$7.50), which is a blend of creamy frozen vanilla custard and Mrs Kueh’s crumbly, tart orange citrus sugee cake. This traditional Eurasian cake is handmade by mother-son team Maureen and Jeremy Nguee, who are known for their Nonya kueh and classic cakes.

SS Vivo Featured
Credit – Shake Shack

The second is the Viva La Vivo concrete (S$7.50), made of frozen vanilla custard, strawberries, crunchy sugar cone shards, and rainbow sprinkles. Even though I’m strictly not a sweets girl, the colourful sprinkles are a welcome sight for sore eyes.

Christmas Cookie Holiday Shake (1 Dec – 31 Dec 2020)

SS Vivo 6

Sugar cookie frozen custard topped with whipped cream, crumbled shortbread, and holiday sprinkles—it all sounds like both a dream and a food coma waiting to happen. I assure you, however, the Christmas Cookie Holiday Shake (S$7.50), a holiday favourite which is back at Shake Shack every year, is a lot less cloying and daunting as it sounds.

Again, as someone who flees at the sight of most desserts, this cookie shake was much more manageable than I was initially led to believe (holiday sprinkles tend to do that to you). Without being overly sweet, the shake also boasted a brilliant buttery, creamy fragrance that was still palatable even after a couple of sips.

Shakes @ S$2 

The Great Shake Sale began in 2012 as Shake Shack’s initiative to raise awareness, as well as funds, to end childhood hunger in America. Next month, the first-ever Great Shake Sale in Singapore will run across all five Shacks from 1 December to 6 December 2020. During this period, diners will be able to purchase vouchers for the Christmas Cookie Shake at S$2, which are redeemable on the next visit.

All proceeds will be directed towards Children’s Wishing Well, a Singapore-based non-profit organisation supporting children and youth from low-income families.

Shake Shack x Eeshaun

SS Vivo 4

It was Ripple Root at Shake Shack’s Suntec City outlet, but here, the chain has teamed up with local artist and illustrator Eeshaun. He has crafted a colourful, playful art piece that celebrates Shake Shack’s vibrant neighbourhood. Taking inspiration from Vivocity’s surroundings of nature, beaches, waves, and the Sentosa cable cars, Eeshaun’s abstract shapes and patterns truly and wonderfully encapsulate the Waterfront’s vibrance.

Price: $ $

Shake Shack Vivocity

1 Harbourfront Walk #01-163/164, Singapore 098585


Shake Shack Vivocity

1 Harbourfront Walk #01-163/164, Singapore 098585

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
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