Shirokiya: Singapore Japanese Restaurant Review

“Health and Beauty in Mind”

Shirokiya Store Front singapore chijmes

Shirokiya is a new Japanese restaurant in CHIJMES focusing on health benefits that come along with the meal. Its specialty is in bishoku-ryori (food that is beneficial for the body from inside out), and with its expanded menu, the use of more soken-ryori (traditional and natural Japanese seasoning).

One would assume something healthy would compromise taste, but Shirokiya’s izakaya style food is not only hearty, but flavourful as well.

Shirokiya singapore chijmes interior

The interior and lighting of Shirokiya reminds you of izakaya bars in Tokyo’s Ginza district – Classy, luxurious and unpretentious. Apart from regular dining seating, the restaurant also has bar seating and 2 private dining rooms to host group gatherings or small parties.

Shirokiya Cold Tofu Shiokiji singapore

Cold Tofu Sprinkled in Salted Rice Malt with Shio-Koji Dressing ($8.80). This fresh tofu is handmade and produced in limited quantities daily. Be sure to call ahead to check if its still available! Rich in Vitamin B6, it helps to reduce fatigue and is a great pick-me-up snack during lunch hour.

It holds its shape even when picked up with chopsticks, yet melts in your mouth; goes great with the mildly salty shio-koji dressing, which is made of fermented grain.

Shirokiya Avocado Seafood Salad singapore

Avocado and Seafood Salad with Hyaluronic Acid Jelly ($20.80). Hyaluronic acid is the miracle beauty product constantly promoted in skincare to achieve soft and supple skin! Now imagine eating the stuff raw.

Not only is this salad refreshing, it also promotes great skin with the combination of Vitamins from the salad. Don’t worry though, the hyaluronic acid is tasteless and odourless.

Shirokiya Smoked Bonito singapore

Bonito Fish Cooked in Hay Straw, Marinated with Ponzu Sauce ($14). This fish had the texture of sashimi, and the fishy smell might be stronger for some guests (as with fishes like Bonito). Be sure to add some of the onions with each bite for more taste and a lightening flavour.

Shirokiya Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings singapore

Ultimate Fried Chicken Wings with Sweet Sauce ($18.80). The sauce is not overly sweet, and there are hints of sesame seasoning. However we thought that the crispy skin got soggy after awhile as the wings are completely drenched in sauce.

Shirokiya Kurobuta singapore

Shirokiya Kurobuta Nabe shabu shabu singapore

Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Served in Collagen Soup ($38.80/2-3 pax). A light broth not overly sweet, with thin kurobuta pork to blanch and eat quickly.

Shirokiya Chicken Collagen singapore

This dish has fresh chicken collagen that is added into the soup. Eating collagen has been known to improve the youthfulness of your skin. It’s odourless and doesn’t smell at all. The collagen dissolves completely into a stock made of chicken bones, and smells wonderful once the leek and green onions are added into the base. Tastes great on its own too. The pork is thinly sliced and super tender.

Shirokiya pressed Mackerel Sushi singapore

Broiled Pressed Mackerel ($15.80). On the whole, the taste of this sushi is very sharp as it has pickled ginger mixed into the rice. I guess this was to counteract the slightly seasoned mackerel which has a heavier fishy taste.

Shirokiya Homemade Soy Pudding singapore

Homemade Rich Soy Milk Pudding ($4.80). The pudding is topped off with a burnt caramelized layer, much like a crème brûlée, but made with soy. Soy helps with digestion, and this dessert is perfect to finish off your meal. Its not too sweet too, but can be altered with the addition of the fresh whipped cream.

Shirokiya Frozen Kirin Draught

Kirin Frozen Beer ($9). These cute beers are the reason you’d be drinking a little more each time you’re here. The tomato beer (left) is made with fresh tomato juice. It is rich in lycopene, which detoxifies the body and gives your skin a healthy glow.

These frozen beers are topped off with an ice slush which keeps the beer cold for a longer period of time – kind of like an adult flavoured iced smoothie. Also comes in other great flavours like Calpis and Mango.

Shirokiya Chopstick covers

This is a restaurant recommended to that special lady in your life who is beauty and/or health conscious. Shirokiya also provides a nice lunch time alternative to the oily and jarring hawker fare, with added health benefits from the meals. They offer “Smile Lunches” at $12 nett. Together with the classy ambience, the large menu of drinks make for a chill night out.

Expected damage: $30 – $60 /pax

Shirokiya CHIJMES: 30 Victoria Street #01-05/06, CHIJMES, Singapore 187996 | Tel: 6337 5188 | Website