Get Your Kaya Butter Toast-flavoured Granola From Amazin’ Graze Avail on Shopee

Growing up on cornflakes and milk, I’ve always had a strong affinity for cereal products. Since young, instead of munching on snacks like chips, I would always find myself with a small packet of Frosties or Fruit Loops. With or without milk, these little pouches of sweetness alone was able to satisfy me with a sense of familiarity and comfort.

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Credit – Amazin’ Graze Singapore

Nonetheless, as time passed, I became more conscious of my diet and began to slowly switch up the sugar-loaded cereals for their healthier counterpart—granola. Like me, if you are one who also enjoys a good ol’ comforting bowl of granola to start your day, you will definitely appreciate what Amazin’ Graze has to offer.  

Established by three friends with the mission to create joy and empower people through amazing real food, Amazin’ Graze grew beyond the premises of a home kitchen to an establishment selling not only granolas but also a range of other products like nuts, nut butter, and oat-based meals.

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Credit – Shopee Singapore

To make eating healthy seem less daunting and more enjoyable, they’ve launched fun and unique flavours that are sure to win the hearts of many Singaporeans. For that touch of classic Singapore breakfast—kaya butter toast, the Coconut Kaya Granola (S$10.90) is something you should not miss. Silky-smooth homemade kaya, caramelized over a wholesome blend of rolled oats, buttery pecans, and earthy almonds, this granola is a blend of the rich flavours and nutritious goodness together in one!

Fans of Matcha will enjoy their Matcha Green Tea Granola (S$10.90) which is a beautiful East-Asian inspired granola that is filled with the benefits of green tea, chia seeds, dried cranberries, and nourishing sweet longan. 

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Credit – Amazin’ Graze Singapore

Watching your sugar intake? Then opt for Amazin’ Graze Low Sugar Wild Strawberry Granola (S$10.90). Subtly sweetened by nature’s miracle fruit, monk fruit, and a hint of honey, the Low Sugar Wild Strawberry Granola is made with only natural ingredients without the addition of nasty chemical compounds that you can’t pronounce!

With all their granolas, nut mixes, and even their oat-based meals available for sale on Shopee Singapore, getting your hands on a healthier option for breakfast or to snack on mid-day will not be that difficult after all!

Dates & Times: Available on Shopee now

Prices: S$10.90 or S$18.90 for bundle deal of two packs 

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