Steep In The Fes-tea-vities At The Singapore Tea Festival 2019 This July

Singapore Tea Festival 2

Immerse yourself at the Singapore Tea Festival 2019 from 19 to 21 July 2019 at Jewel Changi Airport, B1 Atrium.

There’s no better place to host this tea-rrific event than at Singapore’s brand new gem.

Singapore Tea Festival 3

The three-day festival is proudly hosted by teapasar and celebrates over 50 tea, food, and lifestyle brands.

A non-exhaustive list of tea brands to look out for are:

  1. A.muse Projects
  2. Antea Social
  3. Blyss Tea
  4. Botana&Tea
  5. Craft Tea Fox
  6. Gryphon Tea Co.
  7. Kindred Teas
  8. Matchaya
  9. Pekoe & Imp
  10. Pétale Tea
  11. Savis Tea
  12. Teaory
  13. The Tea Crafters
  14. Woobbee
  15. Zestyleaf

Of course, for the tea enthusiast, the Singapore Tea Festival 2019 will be hosting 16 masterclasses as well as two international championships.

Singapore Tea Festival 2019 11

There are at least five masterclasses happening each day, so you’ll be spoiled for choices!

Some of the workshops are:

  1. All About Tea: A Beverage You Know, Stories You Don’t (Arinobu Tea)
  2. Theanine! – Colours Of Tea (Parchmen & Co.)
  3. How to Cup Professionally (Australian Tea Masters)
  4. Herbal Tisane Blending (Fizzicle)
  5. Tea Brewing 101 (Juan Tea)
  6. How To Make Blooming Tea (Pétale)

You can check out teapasar’s website for the full range of workshops, and register your interest.

Singapore Tea Festival 8
Credit – teapasar

Tea Masters Cup (Australian Tea Masters) will take place from 10am – 1pm, and Kombucha Brew-Off (Fizzicle) from 8pm – 10pm. Both championships will be held on Saturday, 20 July 2019.

Drop by teapasar’s booth during the festival, and you can pick up a complimentary reusable Yixing purple clay glazed porcelain cup for sampling the rest of the tea booths.

Singapore Tea Festival 6
Credit – teapasar

If you’re just wandering around and happened to chance upon the festival, you can look forward to snagging some zest-tea goodies!

For the first time, the Singapore Tea Festival will feature our all-time favourite boba paired with tea too! Woobbee takes the front line with Herbal Mint (Pei Pa Kao) Milk Tea. We’ve all had this stuff as medicine, so it’s a leap of bravery to sip it as boba.

The conservatives can find refuge at TenRen’s Tea. I recommend their 913 King’s Oolong Milk Tea.

Singapore Tea Festival 7
Credit – teapasar

Fossa Chocolate is teaming up with Pekoe & Imp in brewing special-tea chocolatesAvailable in flavours of Oolong, Hongcha and Duckshit.

Yep, we checked. Actual tea.

Singapore Tea Festival 2019 12
Credit – Oh!leaf and oasis:skin

Lifestyle brands such as Oh!leaf and oasis:skin will let you savour the full tea experience with tea-infused soaps and teaware.

I haven’t even been to the festival but I’ve already had my breath tea-ken away! Oh, I do love a good cup of tea.

Dates & Times: 19 July 2019, 2pm – 10pm, 21 & 22 July 2019, 10am – 10pm | Check out their website for more details

Prices: Free, VIP tickets at S$35

Price: $ $

Singapore Tea Festival 2019

78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666


Singapore Tea Festival 2019

78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666

Operating Hours: 2pm - 10pm (19 July 2019), 10am - 10pm (21 & 22 July 2019)

Operating Hours: 2pm - 10pm (19 July 2019), 10am - 10pm (21 & 22 July 2019)
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