The Single Cask: A Singapore Whisky Bar Review

Quality single barrel whisky in a quaint setting.


Hiding in a little corner of Chijmes, this non conspicuous whisky shop stocks a comprehensive list of whiskies that are indeed mind altering. It is also quite possibly the only time where being single is preferred and by that, I mean the singularity of the cask.

Cafe and liquor shop by day, whisky bar by night, The Single Cask prides itself on providing quality whiskies that are aged in only a single barrier, emanating the true idea of it being The Single Cask.


What started out as a whisky distributor for bars and specialists soon became a whisky store when they realised how niche a market single cask scotch whiskies are. With the driving point being none other than serving only single cask whiskies, the whisky store was set up, allowing quality whiskies to become more accessible to the public.

Before being shipped to Singapore, each single cask whisky is hand selected from Scotland, making each bottle unique and different from the other. The cheapest single cask in store is going for $200 and the most expensive at $567 for a 27 Year Old Glenrothes. Alternatively, you can also spend $12,000 for a bottle of 1965 Macallan, yes a 43 Year Old Macallan.


A hole-in-the-wall style, The Single Cask is a quaint little shop that would make your whisky drinking experience that much more personal. Over here, they do offer a range of whisky flights as listed below.

Their own range of independent bottling single casks, hand selected from the distilleries themselves. Rare and exclusive whiskies. The good stuff is meant to be shared!

1/ Deanston 15yo 1997
2/ Linkwood 18yo 1995
3/ Glen Garioch 19yo 1995
4/ Blair Athol 22yo 1991
Sherry cask lovers will be pleased, they can see how different levels of maturation have given a variety of taste profiles within the same family-owned distillery, Glenfarclas, from the lovely Speyside region.

1/ 12yo
2/ 15yo
3/ 17yo
4/ 21yo

RATED 18! ($49)
The age is fixed, 18yo. But we go from the very easy going and smooth Glentauchers to a one-of-a-kind taste profile with Mortlach!

1/ 1996 Glentauchers 18yo (Carn Mor)
2/ Glengoyne 18yo
3/ Stronachie 18yo
4/ 1995 Mortlach 18yo (Signatory Vintage Un-Chillfiltered)

Same distillery, same peat, but how different are these Laphroaig single casks, from one cask to another!

1/ 15yo 1999 by the Old Malt Cask
2/ 7yo 2006 by The Coopers Choice
3/ 15yo 1998 by Signatory Vintage Un-Chillfiltered
4/ 20yo 1994 by Dun Beaghan


If you are in the need for love and kindness, try their outstanding selection of 21 year old single casks to spend a night in a lovely company.

1/ Let Dailuaine (Coopers Choice 1992) offer you a full Speyside bouquet of flowers.
2/ Glen Moray (Langside Douglas 1991) will treat you with sweets, sultanas and figs.
3/ The Single Cask Auchroisk 1991 will make your life zesty with its complex character.
4/ Then, Caol Ila (Coopers Choice 1991) will reserve its quiet peat smoke and cooked fruits sweetness for you.

Other than flights, you have the choice of drams as well. They serve a variety of whiskies in drams starting at $13 to $56, like the Glen Moray. Of course if you’re in the mood to splurge on some pretty dope whisky, you could enquire in store for a dram, or hell, for a whole bottle.

The Single Cask also offers lockers to store your unfinished bottles for a 2nd encounter.


Glen Moray ($13 per dram). Smells light and fresh, slightly fruity and nutty. It is very gentle on the palate, well balanced with a hint of spicy citrus.


Lost Distillery ($23 per dram). Notable ones are the whiskies from lost distilleries. Like the name suggests, these whiskies are replicated from archives of lost distilleries which have been shut down a long time ago.


What really sets them apart from other whisky stores is their support for small family owned businesses. The quality of whisky is definitely the defining factor but having a story behind their origins adds that much essence to the spirit itself.

The Single Cask sees the beauty in that and stocks whiskies that possess their own stories. This attributes more character to the whiskies, setting them apart from just any regular quality whisky. And, we all love a good story, don’t we?

The effort and dedication caught the eye of the good people at The Single Cask, hence the availability of them instore. The Single Cask is the only place in Singapore thus far that you can get a taste or a bottle of whisky from the lost distillery so really, what is stopping you from heading down.


Meet the head bartender, Joseph, whom you can have complete trust in because he knows whats up. Knowing his whiskies inside out, he has the ability to discern which whisky is the best complement for your desired cocktail by maximising its properties and taste quality. So kick back, relax and enjoy.


Honey-ed Old Fashioned ($22). A good Old Fashioned can stand the testimony of time for obvious reasons and here at The Single Cask, their own rendition of Old Fashioned is going leave you begging for more the old fashioned way.

Instead of the usual sugar cube, honey is used and it is nothing short of an amazing complement to the whisky’s peat, making it sweet with a smooth finish. It is also doused in a spritz of Cask Islay as a finishing touch.

Though it is lighter than the usual Old Fashioned, the scotch whisky essence is still very much present and you’re bound to get a kick out of it. I’d like to think of it as a gentler Old Fashioned if I may.


Boulevadier ($22). Another classic cocktail recipe that means serious business, this glass of Boulvadier is mixed with Cask Islay, sweet Vermouth, Campari and finished with chocolate bitters for the balance of sweet and tart.

The Cask Islay gives a smoky and fruity taste, mixing with the Vermouth for a rich and robust element, with the Campari adding onto the depth of flavours.

The Campari adds the visually stunning dark red colour into the cocktail but it may be too overpowering for some people. Do ask for another substitute such as Aperol if Campari appears to be too bitter for your liking.


Box of 6 Gourmet Chocolates ($7 per box, but prices may vary). Much thought has been put into the presentation and pairing of all of their drams at The Single Cask including these exqusite chocolates.

Whisky is typically served with Source, water shipped from Scotland that is specifically made for complementing single malt whiskies and also a piece of artisan chocolate, that is simply creamy and delectable; take my word for it.


Hepburn’s Choice 11 Year Old ($22 per dram). It is aged in a sherry cask, lending a fruity and berry taste. Well balanced and ends with sweet honey notes.


The Hive 12 Year Old ($21 per dram). A 12 year old blended Wemyss Malts whisky that is emphasized on being honeyed, it has a french vanilla touch and caramelised toffee apple note. Creamy and supple with a slight spiced finish.


Dun Bheagan 15 Year Old ($33 per dram). It is pleasantly oaky and serves as a base note for the sweeter and nutty notes. Toasted almond and slight tropical tangy taste and it is also extremely well-balanced.

If you are a whisky lover, you are probably grabbing your keys, ready to rush off to The Single Cask to take in what it has to offer you. If you’re not a whisky lover, you are still probably moved by The Single Cask’s dedication and is itching to dabble a bit in the whisky scene. I mean, who wouldn’t?

It is likely you might find yourself getting hooked onto the whisky scene but I want you to know that it is okay to do so. It is a good cause and there is always a great partnership for such. The Single Cask offers memberships where you get to have your personal members-only lockers.

The first membership goes at $2988 per annum, which gives the same amount of spending credit to spend with 25% discount for any of the whiskies they stock. You can store your bottles in the locker, however amount of bottles you fancy and get priority for bookings. And yes, you can now feel closer to being royalty.

There’s another exclusive membership, where only 4 of it is available, that will bring you straight to the heaven of whiskies. It goes at $8888 and gives $2800 credit to spend with 25% discount on everything as well. Here’s the catch, it also gives you a 1/4 personal share of their single cask back in Scotland, which is still undergoing ageing.

That yields to about 60 bottles of single cask and you can visit the cask if you happen to be in Scotland or request for a taste of the single cask, thereafter decide if you wish to continue the ageing process or bottle it up with your own personalisation and putting them up for sale, or not, your call.

It’s literally like watching your own baby mature into an adult, except this baby doesn’t render sleepless nights and changing of diapers. It also doesn’t depreciate your assets or gives you a major headache. Rather, it appreciates your assets and also your fine taste in quality. With that said, I still think babies are cute.


The Single Cask has definitely got me hooked with its quaint atmosphere and of course the insurmountable list of whiskies with impeccable quality and intriguing back stories. It is truly a dedicated and authentic place of scotch whiskies for anyone looking for a no frills and personal experience.

Purveyor of whisky or not, it doesn’t matter. The Single Cask is bound to offer something right up your alley and make you a convert. Forget me not, whispers the whiskies as you slowly and reluctantly make your way out.

The Single Cask: 30 Victoria Street, Chijmes #01-25, Singapore 187996 | Tel: +65 9134 6051 | Website

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