Celebrate the month of love with sweet treats from Partage Patisserie

February is notoriously known as the month of LOVE. So what better way to spend the remaining few days of this month with a slew of lovely artisanal tarts from Partage Patisserie? The home-based tart business has gained quite the reach with their exceptionally innovative bakes. Plus, they’re gorgeous to look at too!

Image of tarts
Credit – Partage Patisserie

Following the love theme, they’ve recently released their Special Valentine’s Box (S$21), and it will be available for sale from now till 28 February 2022.

Unlike my colleague Ariel, I’m not a dessert person at all. But, imagine my surprise when I was greeted with these three beauties! Not only were they pretty to look at, but they tasted amazing too.

Image of Financier
Credit – Partage Patisserie

The Financier is a soft almond caked infused with strawberries and injected with a mini-syringe filled with maple syrup. After squeezing your desired amount of maple syrup onto the rectangular piece of soft cake, take a bite, and await the explosion of flavours. I was blown away by the creativity in this dessert, especially the taste profiles. I would’ve preferred a bigger piece, though.

Image of Ispahan Tart
Credit – Partage Patisserie

The Ispahan Tart, on the other hand, is a rose lemon jam tart with rose lychee raspberry cream, topped with raspberries, lychee segments and rose petals. The tart tastes as it sounds, and has a refreshingly floral aftertaste.

Image of Choux
Credit – Partage Patisserie

Lastly, the Choux. This one’s for chocolate lovers. The pink-hued dessert, resembling a mini bao, is a crispy streusel with bitter chocolate cream. As you cut into the dessert, the different chocolate layers are the first thing you’ll notice.

Be right back, ordering myself a box from Partage Patisserie now.

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