No more french fries at KFC Singapore – Fact or Fiction?

We have taken the humble french fry for granted for too long and it’s time to make a huge sacri-fries, people! KFC Singapore has joined many of its international brethren in announcing a french freeze of sorts.

kfc city square mall

Yours truly was jolted out of her reverie at KFC in City Square Mall last night (17 February 2022). Instead of the familiar lanky yellow logs cramped together in their impression of a peak hour MRT ride, four squat waffle hash pieces were staring at me.

“All meals bundles with French Fries will be replaced with Waffle Hash temporarily. Trade-ups to French Fries and Cheese Fries will also not be available during this period,” read the laminated sign on the counter, which I had completely missed before.

kfc announcement

I asked the staff if fries were completely off the menu. Fortunately, the answer was a ‘no’. You can still get both Medium French Fries (S$3.90) and Cheese Fries (S$5.30) from the a la carte dining menu… for now, at least.

The 4 Pieces Waffle Hash (S$3.10) is also available as a side. It is a ‘can also’ substitute but it has big shoes to fill. Please God, don’t let this be part of the ‘new normal’. Ugh.

kfc board

KFC Singapore is just the latest international franchise (so want to add a pun here) chain to bear the brunt of the potato shortage. ‘Supply chain issues’ is quickly becoming one of the most annoying phrases of the year and potatoes are among the worst affected.

We have asked KFC Singapore for comment and will update you when they respond.

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