Get Any Tall Starbucks Drink For ONLY S$0.90 In SG Till 14 May ’17 Using Apple Pay

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Going back to work after a long weekend is never easy, but here’s something that’s going to brighten up your day. From now till 14 May 2017, get your daily kopi fix at Starbucks for only 90 cents.

It sounds too good to be true but we just confirmed it after a trip down to our neighbourhood Starbucks outlet. All Tall-sized beverages including frappuccinos, freshly brewed coffee and teas are included in this promotion.

starbucks promo apple pay

The catch? All you have to do is pay using Apple Pay. I only registered my card today (yes, for the sole reason of cheap coffee) and it was really simple and quick to do.

This promotion is limited to the first 120,000 redemptions though and only one redemption per transaction is allowed, so get cracking! Android users, hurry and get chummy with your friends who use iPhones.

starbucks promo

If you have no iPhone and no friends, get in on another ongoing promotion by Starbucks that let’s you win free stuff. The Starbucks Goodie Grab is a little online game with a claw machine, and it’s a pretty sure-win thing – just follow the instructions on the screen.

There are goodies to be won daily, including Starbucks food or drink treats and even a limited edition Starbucks card. I just won a 1-for-1 Venti Drink voucher. KA-CHING.

It’s a good time to be kiasu.

Dates: Apple Pay promotion runs till 14 May 2017 (limited to 120,000 redemptions)

Price: $0.90 for any Tall-sized beverage

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