Sold-out Starbucks colour-changing confetti cold cups available on Shopee

It goes without saying that Starbucks merch is pretty, arresting, and downright terrible for your wallet. I truly didn’t know just how many mugs and flasks one could possibly need (read: want) until, well, Starbucks came around. Their exclusive colour-changing confetti cold cups were no different this time around.

Starbucks Confetti Cup 1
Credit – Shopee

Within a matter of minutes on this chaotic singles’ day, the 11.11 exclusive colour-changing confetti cold cups which were released on Starbucks’ official flagship store on LazMall were sold out. This left many as disappointed and dejected as not being able to buy a cup can cause, but also isn’t the first whiff of a letdown, considering how online sales these days seem to be the wars of the better internet connection.

The confetti portion of the cup comes into play when it’s filled with a cold beverage—which is when tiny, multi-coloured specks will begin to show around the rim of the cup. The novelty of the cup paired with the fun rainbow straw is probably what makes the cup so fetching if you ask me. Or, it could just be that it’s a Starbucks cup, and all Starbucks merch count as collectables, don’t they?

Anyhow, if you belong to the group of dejected Starbucks fans who didn’t manage to get their hands on this admittedly adorable reusable cold cups, we have the best news for you.

Starbucks Confetti Cup 2
Credit – Shopee

The colour-changing confetti cold cups are still available for purchase on Shopee, albeit at S$24.37 per cup instead of S$24.90 for a set of four on LazMall. But hey, it’s a small price to pay if it means getting to sip out of your rainbow-strawed, confetti-peppered cup that sparks joy, right?

The cups are available for purchase on Shopee here, but be quick—you’ll never know when they’ll sell out on Shopee too.