Get Your Dim Sum Fix From Local Coffee People’s New Concept Steam 蒸 Now Open At Raffles Place

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From the founder of Local Coffee People, comes a venture that surrounds a popular Chinese snack, dim sum, in a brand new concept called Steam 蒸.

Now you can get your lunchtime fix of dim sum at Ocean Financial Centre without cramming up the queue in shopping malls.

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If you love Local Coffee People’s Gula Melaka Coffee and Tea, you’d be pleased to find that they’ve brought over their drinks menu into the store.

Although they’ve switched up gula melaka for the trending brown sugar, Local Coffee People believe that it’s going to be just as popular with the office-folk.

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Brown Sugar Coffee and Tea are priced at S$2 (hot) and S$2.50 (cold). The cost isn’t too far from their to-go shops around the CBD, and they’re already super affordable!

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Equally taking fewer pennies out of the wallet is Steam’s Hong Kong-style dim sum menu. You can find your basics such as Siew Mai (S$0.90), Rice Roll With Char Siew (S$3 for three), as well as Egg Tarts (S$1.50).

In any case, it won’t be difficult to satisfy your cravings and keep the expense under a five-dollar limit.

Steam 16

For our steamy afternoon snack, we got the Lotus Leaf Rice (S$3.80), Char Siew Bao (S$1.50), and Chicken Wrap In Paper (S$4 for two), all of which were served in dim sum steamers!

Steam 8

We found that the Lotus Leaf Rice was extremely fragrant and sticky, filled with sufficient ingredients.

Steam 17

Their Char Siew Bao, although having a slightly denser bao, was decently packed with barbecue pork. Meanwhile, the Chicken Wrap In Paper had tender soft steamed chicken that wasn’t too messy to eat.

Steam 18

I think the highlight of Steam is that Local Coffee People serves up exclusive drinks here that you can’t get at their takeaway shops. We got to try their Red Bean Milk Drink (S$3.50), Brown Sugar Coffee (S$2 for hot, S$2.50 for iced), and Boiled Coke With Lemon & Ginger (S$2.50). 

Steam 7

Unanimously, we agreed that the combination of brown sugar with coffee was perfect. Of course, give it a good stir before taking a gulp!

The Red Bean Milk Drink had a generous serving of red bean toppings in the iconic Local Coffee People-sized cup full of fresh milk. I liked that the red beans were sweet and not too starchy.

Steam 12

Finally, we tried Boiled Coke With Lemon & Ginger purely out of curiosity. Instead of the usual prick from Coke’s carbonation, we felt the spice from the ginger. Honestly, it was odd at first, but refreshing! Maybe the addition of aloe vera or ai yu jelly could provide a touch of sweetness.

Personally, I think this is the perfect place to have breakfast, grab a ‘cuppa and a bao, and you’re good to go!

Dates & Times: Now open | 7.30am – 5pm (Daily)

Prices: S$0.90 – S$4 per pax

Price: $

Our Rating: 4 / 5

Steam 蒸

10 Collyer Quay, Ocean Financial Centre, Basement 1, Singapore 049315

Our Rating 4/5

Steam 蒸

10 Collyer Quay, Ocean Financial Centre, Basement 1, Singapore 049315

Operating Hours: 7.30am - 5pm (Daily)

Operating Hours: 7.30am - 5pm (Daily)