Takagi Ramen launches affordable onigiri & porridge sets for breakfast

Takagi Ramen, known for its delicious and affordable bowls of Japanese ramen, has just added something new to its menu. You can now have breakfast from 5 am to 11 am at any of their 24-hour outlets with their new homemade onigiri and okayu (Japanese rice porridge) sets.

Onigiri is a popular Japanese breakfast/snack item commonly sold in convenience stores. It’s usually triangular-shaped white rice embedded with various yummy fillings, and wrapped in nori.

takagi ramen breakfast - onigiri sets

Takagi Ramen’s onigiri series comes in 6 different flavours: Kombu Tsukudani (seaweed), Egg Mayo, Chicken Karaage, Grilled Salmon, Chicken Floss, and Tuna Mayo.

You can have them as an à la carte option (S$2 to S$2.20 each) or opt for their onigiri breakfast sets.

A Set Of Two (S$7.90) gives you 2 onigiris in any flavour, 2 pieces of onsen eggs and a cup of hot coffee/tea. Alternatively, you can go for a Set Of Three (S$8.20), which allows you a choice between 4 predetermined sets of 3 different onigiris and a cup of hot coffee/tea.

takagi ramen breakfast - okayu setonigiri sets

Okayu may look similar to our local congee, but it’s actually made from quality Japanese short grain rice infused with kombu dashi— this ensures that every spoonful you take fills your taste buds with a rich umami-ness!

In total, they have 6 varieties of okayu which include Spicy Pulled Pork Porridge (S$3.90 for à la carteand Salmon Porridge (S$5.20 for à la carte).

To have a more complete breakfast, go for the Okayu Breakfast Set (S$7.90 to S$8.50) which throws in 3 pieces of gyoza and a cup of hot coffee/tea.

takagi ramen breakfast - restaurant front

As opposed to the usual kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs that are our staple, why not change things up with a Japanese-style breakfast?

Head down to any Takagi Ramen outlet (except One-North and Downtown East) for your morning fix now!

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