Tamago-EN celebrates its 3rd anniversary with its new All-day Breakfast menu with Japanese Sweet Potato Kaya Toast and Pork Katsu Sando

Tamago-EN has found a way to make your day more egg-citing with its new All-day Breakfast Menu, featuring an array of egg-themed dishes that you won’t want to egg-nore.

image of tamago-en's all day breakfast menu dishes

Tamago-EN’s All-day Breakfast Menu was launched in celebration of its third anniversary, with dishes ranging from classics like Eggs Benedict to more creative and unique ones.

image of japanese kaya toast set

The dish that caught my attention the most was the Japanese Kaya Toast Set (S$8.90), which contains a very special ingredient: Japanese sweet potatoes. Instead of the familiar green colour that I was used to, Tamago-EN’s Japanese kaya boasted an earthy purple hue.

Tamago-EN’s chefs laboriously make the Japanese sweet potato kaya in-house, where the purple spuds have to be constantly stirred into the mixture to ensure that it doesn’t become clumpy.

image of japanese kaya and butter on toast

The resulting product is an incredibly smooth and silky spread ready to be paired with toasted bread and butter.

The sweet potato kaya was sweet and slightly earthy in taste, with a light fragrance of eggs and coconut. I think the sweet potato profile could have been stronger to make it stand out more from regular kaya, but I would gladly buy this extremely novel spread if they came in bottles.

image of tamago-en's eggcellent platter

Tamago-EN’s take on a classic Western breakfast dish is the Eggcellent Platter (S$16.90), which comes with scrambled eggs on sourdough bread, baked beans, tater tots, arabiki sausages, cherry tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and mesclun salad. This platter is most certainly suited for lovers of traditional breakfast platters.

image of tamago-en's curried shakshuka

The Curried Shakshuka (S$15.50) was another dish that surprised me with its umami flavours. Consisting of slow-cooked tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic chilli oil, curry and Japanese onsen eggs, I was impressed at how the different elements of the shakshuka came together to create a comforting and delicious dish.

image of tamago-en's curried shakshuka

The shakshuka wasn’t too salty and while I loved eating it with the toasted bread slices that it was served with, I found it to be good enough to drink all on its own.

image of tamago-en's pork cutlet sando

Next, try an elevated version of a sandwich with the Pork Katsu Sandwich (S$14.50), featuring a crispy pork katsu with okonomiyaki sauce and a sunny side-up egg between two slices of toasted white bread and served with a side of mesclun salad and furikake fries.

The thick yet tender pork katsu, paired with the sweet and salty okonomiyaki sauce and silky egg, made this an incredibly flavourful and hearty dish. The furikake fries were also a stand-out to me, with the combination of creamy mayonnaise and salty furikake seasoning adding lots of Japanese flavour to the fries.

image of the ultimate steak burger

My favourite dish was the Ultimate Steak Burger (S$17.50), containing pieces of beef steak with ume mayo, scrambled eggs and a sunny side-up egg within a fluffy brioche bun.

I was surprised at how incredibly tender the steak was. Not only was it juicy and easy to bite into, it was very flavourful, with a rich smokey taste accentuating the natural fragrance of the beef.

Despite the strong taste of the steak, the egg components of this burger shone through too, with the silky scrambled eggs and runny sunny-side up providing a smooth mouthfeel.

image of frothy egg brew

Aside from the delectable range of mains included in Tamago-EN’s all-day breakfast menu, why not get your daily caffeine fix with an egg-straordinary twist? The Frothy Egg Brew (S$5.90) comes with black coffee combined with Okinawan egg yolk, condensed milk, vanilla and caramel sauce.

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Tamago-EN has made even greater strides in reinforcing its egg theme with its new all-day breakfast menu, and their eggy dishes do not disappoint. With novel creations like sweet potato kaya and egg coffee, who knows what other creative menu ideas they’ll hatch next?

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