‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #047 — Are SG’s current COVID-19 dining restrictions discriminatory?

We’re sure you’ve heard or even partaken in this conversation in some shape or form in the past few weeks—are we actively discriminating against those who choose to remain unvaccinated? Along with this conscious choice, comes a slew of social restrictions, one of which largely centres around dining establishments.

Screenshot of vaccination status for dining in

Right now, unvaccinated individuals are only allowed to dine-in in hawker centres and coffee shops, and only in groups of up to two people. Of course, these individuals may opt to dine in in restaurants, bars, and cafes, but have to undergo testing and provide a negative pre-event COVID-19 result from an approved test provider. While there are ways for an unvaccinated person to dine in at non-open air spaces, it certainly requires extra effort, time, and not to mention money. With all that in mind, are Singapore’s dining restrictions discriminatory in nature?

Are we actively segregating the nation by implementing legal boundaries that divide the vaccinated and unvaccinated—especially when it comes to something as close and dear to our heart as dining out with our friends and family? It’s a topic that comes with plenty of weight, given the terms tagged to the conversation, but in this episode, we attempt to reposition the discussion such that it’s in favour of public health—and less focused on the individual. But whatever your decision, we agree, it is your body and right to choose what to put in it. However, with that decision comes the responsibility of bearing the consequences and limitations to your social activities.

Let’s continue this dialogue with a willingness to hear all sides and let us know your thoughts in our Facebook post. But please, as always, be kind and fair with your words. For all our other episodes, listen to them on PodbeanSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

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