‘Tapau Please’ by SethLui.com: Epi #051 — What relevance do reality cooking shows have today?

We’re sure you’ve watched—or even binge-watched—a cooking competition such as Hell’s Kitchen or MasterChef at some point in your TV routine. Even if you’re not a self-proclaimed fan of such entertainment formats, you can’t deny that there’s been a marked decline in the once-excitable prospect of a renewed season of MasterChef (for example). If cooking fatigue isn’t one of the reasons for a lacklustre hype, then it might have to do with the distraction of so many other types of shows that prove to be more invigorating than watching people out-cook one another.

woman pulling out boiled octopus from pot
Credit – Netflix

But we still have to ask: for the cooking competitions that are still around, what place do they in today’s society? Is it the thrill of finding out who has more skill than a competitor? Is it the drama of potential backstabbing and someone trying to slyly steal an ingredient?

Or is it the pressure of performance when you’re being televised in front of millions? Regardless, it certainly is a show format that’s slowing down in gaining mass appeal as it seems like only true-blue ardent fans of reality cooking shows still look forward to it. Are you camp cooking competition or could you care less about them? Sound off in the comments on our Facebook post.

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