Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry: Come For Its Unique Curry At Millenia Walk, But Don’t Leave Without Having Chawanmushi

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I love Japanese curry, the slight heat and sweetness of the curry is delicious, and I was pretty surprised when I heard of Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry, simply because I’ve only ever known Japanese curry to be brown.

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Located at the second floor of Millenia Walk, this cozy shop claims that it is the first shop in Singapore that serves white curry, and their menu currently only consists of three set dishes.

Each set comes with a different white curry dish, a side of truffle oil chawanmushi and miso soup.

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The Juicy Japanese Style Hamburg White Curry Set ($15.80) was good, and I was pretty amazed at the colour of the curry. Granted, it’s not totally white, but the inclusion of the Hokkaido milk had turned it into a creamy off-white colour, definitely different from the normal brown curry.

The curry tasted very similar to traditional Japanese curry, but the consistency of the curry was smoother with slightly less spice to the curry. The pork hamburg patty was juicy and tender, with a nice crust.

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The Premium Ebi Fry White Curry Set ($16.80) was my favourite dish. The breading was great, light and crisp while not being too thick, and the prawn was of a pretty substantial size.

Something that I really enjoyed was the rice, the fragrant short grain rice is cooked in small batches to ensure that the rice each customer gets is fresh from the cooker.

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The Crunchy Chicken Katsu White Curry Set ($15.80) is currently the bestseller, and I can certainly see why. With the same breading as the ebi prawns, the chicken within was still moist and tender.

Tengawa’s dedication to keeping customers satisfied is obvious, offering free-flow rice and miso soup throughout the meal. I was pretty amazed when I found out that the garnishes (the yellow petals and perilla leaf) are brought in from Japan.

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The chawanmushi deserves a special mention. The egg was silky and I was expecting the truffle taste to only last for the first few bites, but it lingered on till the end of the bowl, and that was a pleasant surprise. The aroma complemented the chawanmushi perfectly, providing it with more depth.

I came to Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry expecting the curry to be nothing different from normal Japanese curry, but I’m glad that the white curry has a distinctive difference other than the colour to set itself apart.

Tengawa is running a Mother’s Day promotion from 5 – 12 May 2017, so if you’re looking for a reason to go down, keep an eye on their Facebook and try your luck at winning a free meal!

Expected damage: $15 – $20 per pax

Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry: #2-16 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596 | Tel: +65 62651314 | Facebook | Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily