Quicker testing, contact tracing, & vaccination the key to easing up COVID-19 measures

With heightened measures over the past couple of weeks, we’ve collectively managed to bring case numbers down. For measures to completely ease up, these results will have to persist, says PM Lee. The key to achieve this lies in quicker testing, contact tracing, and vaccination.

A portrait of PM Lee at the leaders summit
Credit – CNA


The government is shifting testing strategies towards testing faster and more liberally, as the key to detecting positive cases more quickly.

DIY test kits will be available for over-the-counter purchase so that testing will be more convenient for those who need to conduct frequent, and regular testing. Other, more varied forms of testing are also made available.

Contact tracing

Individuals in close contact with COVID-19 positive individuals will be isolated more quickly, saving time lag for contact tracing.


Someone getting their vaccination
Credit – The Business Times

Vaccine deliveries will be quicker over the next two months, with more people getting vaccinated at a faster pace over the 40 vaccination centres islandwide. It’s better to get a larger number of people with good coverage, rather than a smaller group with the best coverage, says PM Lee.

It looks like we’re on track to easing up measures and regaining some form of normalcy again.

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