No more suckling on these Thai milk teas stored in penis-shaped bags

thai milk tea penis looking packet
Credit – Sanook News

There was a particular milk tea shop in Songkhla, the southern province of Thailand that was serving up indecent looking penis-shaped bags of Thai milk tea. What started off as a viral trend backfired when their idea was deemed insensitive and they had to stop selling those.

Is your favourite Thai beverage something milky and sweet? If your answer is yes, chances are it will be Thai milk tea. Imagine trying to control your indecent thoughts as your mouth suckles these indecent looking penis-shaped bags of milky goodness.

Corresponding to Thai media site Sanook News, these quirky packets of milk tea are available at a milk tea shop in the southern province of Thailand, Songkhla. These bizarre-looking beverage packets recently went viral for their rather provocative design.

The packet sizes are massively huge and designed in such a way that it really mimics the actions of a BJ when drinking it. I must say you got to have a certain amount of confidence and guts carrying these around and drinking them in public. Perhaps if they had added in testicles, the packets would have been a hit.

thai milk tea penis looking packet
Credit – Sanook News

With rising temperatures outside hot enough to fry an egg on the road, these huge phallic-looking beverage packets will definitely provide icy-cold satisfaction. The Thai milk tea came available with the normal and green tea versions. There were other options available such as Ovaltine and cocoa as well.


Thai netizens were excited and found that this idea of taking away a milk tea was hilarious, unfortunately, many people also had issues with it. Thais are well known to be very unique in their marketing ideas. Before the pandemic hit us, I remembered seeing different kinds of everyday items being presented or packaged into something totally unexpected when I was there, never in a million years would I have thought of that! Perhaps this is one of the many innovative ideas that did not sit so well with the public.

Oh well, better luck next time Thailand.

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