The Caffeine Addicts: A Cafe Owned By An Ex-Cabin Crew Serving Decent Plates Of Chicken Rice

Last Updated: December 19, 2016

Written by Zac L

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So lately there has been much talk about a cafe started by an ex-cabin crew member from Singapore Airlines. Do people come here for the food? Or are people here just to have an up-close encounter with what many have labelled a “chio-bu” (pretty girl). We went down to find out more about this place.

Don’t expect this to be another of those hipster cafes that have sprouted everywhere. Food served here has a very local flavor to it, with your kopis, tehs, and chicken rice as the main food offering.

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The iced coffee ($2.30) was a good brew of your local coffee and something that will sit well with most out there. There is a range of hot and cold drinks to choose from a menu very similar to that of a local coffee joint.

Caffeine Addicts-1

The cafe’s signature chicken rice is what you will see on every table, satisfying hungry customers. Going along with the flow, and also because it was the main food item available, I had the chicken rice set ($6.50).

This dish was prepared by an actual Hainanese chef, with decades of cooking experience. With a chef like that, you can rest easy knowing you can’t go wrong by ordering the chicken rice.

Caffeine Addicts-2

Now comes the highlight of the cafe, and what many would call the USP (Unique Selling Point). This stall is run by an ex-SIA stewardess, Marissa, who ensures that you will be treated to a tip-top service complete with a smile when you dine in. After all, she was trained by a renowned airline with service standards few would argue against.

During my meal, I noticed how Marissa even recognizes and greets many of her regular customers. There is a service level that is befitting of her background, and that is something quite rare in the Singaporean F&B scene.

For good chicken rice, a comfortable ambience and wonderful service, head down here today!

Expected damage: $6.50

The Caffeine Addicts: 21 Jalan Besar Road, Singapore 208793 | Opening hours: Mon – Sat; 9am – 8pm

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