New The Hunter Bubble Tea Chain In M’sia Thinks They’re Better Than The Alley, Tiger Sugar & Everyone Else

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The sea of bubble tea brands in the market appears to have finally met with a real competitor donning an arguably threatening name of The Hunter.

Launched earlier this month in Malaysia, this rising brand has already 15 outlets listed on their Facebook page, including one in JB and Penang. Their namesake is to be taken quite literally; a hunter taking shots at every other bubble tea in the market, namely big names like The Alley, Tiger Sugar and JLD Dragon Milk Tea. 

The Hunter Bubble Tea Online 1

They’re not holding back either, with their logo blatantly declaring war — a hunter aiming his rifle at a deer, tiger and dragon. For the uninitiated, the animals are the logos of the respective bubble tea brands aforementioned. 

On a subtler (or not) attempt, The Hunter takes jabs at the other brands with their clever play on drink names that cheekily allude to the iconic animals fronting the other brands. 

The Hunter Bubble Tea Online 2

We have 一路有你 (yi-lu-you-ni) as the name of one drink, with ‘lu’ replacing the Chinese character for deer, the mascot of The Alley.

Ruthless in execution, even brands without animal logos are not spared. A drink named after one of Jay Chou’s songs ‘shuo hao de xin fu ne‘, is a jibe at another popular bubble tea brand Xin Fu Tang. 

Having had my fair share of bubble tea across brands in our recent Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Blind Taste Test, I’ll say that to make a good cup isn’t too hard but topping the charts may be tricky.

We’re definitely eager to see if the animals would be dethroned and The Hunter be crowned king of the jungle.

Dates & times: Now available at The Hunter outlets | TBC 

Prices: TBC