The Original Boat Noodle is offering 10 bowls of noodles for $10 at Suntec City & The Seletar Mall outlets

Noodle and Thai food lovers, get your appetites ready as The Original Boat Noodle is offering 10 bowls of their noodles for just S$9.99 at their Suntec City and The Seletar Mall outlets.

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This promotion is available for dine-in only and on weekdays from 4pm to 8.30pm with no minimum spend required. It is also only available for purchase in multiples of 10 bowls, so either get a friend along or set up a camera for a mukbang video.

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You can also pick and choose your noodle types along with their protein, either Chicken or Beef.

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The Original Boat Noodle offers noodles in 4 different flavours: Pathumthani is a combination of sweet dark soy sauce with various spices and herbs which makes for a very aromatic soup with subtle sweet tones. Ayutthaya has a cream-based soup with a kick of spiciness.

You also have the Creamy Tom Yum Thai Boat Noodle which combines creaminess and spiciness with a touch of tanginess. Finally, you have the Sweet Kuey Chap Thai Boat Noodle that has broth made with palm sugar and spices, topped with boiled egg and golden fried tofu.

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While 10 bowls may seem like a lot, the bite-sized portions means you’ll have a good excuse to order some of its mains as well like Pad Thai (S$9.99)Thai Kra-Pow Chicken Rice (S$11.99) and Ayam Legend Rice with Egg (S$13.99).

There’s also a fair amount of drinks to wash down all that Thai goodness. Go for their Butterfly Lemon Tea (S$5.70)Coconut Blended (S$7.50) or Hot Lemon Grass (S$3.50).

Currently, there is no set date for when the promotion ends, but you never wait on something good, especially when it comes to food! Right?

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