13 best food places at Suntec City for post-shopping refuel & recharge

Suntec City is one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls and entertainment spots boasting over  360 retail outlets and an abundance of dining options with restaurants, bars, food courts and snack stands in the lineup to satisfy just about anybody. 

Besides being anchored by its world-class convention centre which hosts various events such as the COMEX IT Show and GAMESCOM ASIA annually, it also houses the iconic bronze Fountain of Wealth. The fountain embodies vibrancy in bringing our community together for the celebration of wealth and good health, and is nestled right smack at the centre among Suntec City’s five prestigious office towers.

After filtering and selecting several F&B places, here is my guide to the 13 best food places at Suntec City for a post-shopping refuel and recharge after you’ve explored the massive space it offers for your shopping and entertainment needs.

1) District 10 Bar & Grill (#01-514/515)

suntec guide - district 10

District 10 Bar & Grill has a small and cosy indoor dining space which is modern and contemporary coupled with an al fresco bar with Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth acting as its backdrop.

The food served here leans towards Italian-European cuisine, and they specialise in dry-aged beef. The restaurant is well equipped with a European meat showcase and chiller for its dry-aged meat (which has a higher concentration of natural flavours).

suntec guide - district 10 food

You may want to indulge in any of their awesome bar bites like Golden Fried Potato Gnocchi (S$19) and Wagyu & Parmigiano Reggiano Croquettes (S$19) that will go well with your booze from the bar.

For main courses during lunch and dinner, take a pick from their six options ranging from Pan Roasted Seabass (S$28) to Spaghettini Aglio Olio (S$28).

Otherwise, go for their signature meats from the charcoal grill such as the 45-Days Home Dry Aged Corn Fed Traditional Fiorentina Steak (S$24 per 100g, min. order of 800g)— guaranteed to hit the spot for beef lovers!

Chope Reservations
Chope Reservations

For location, contact number and opening hours, refer here.
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2) Bornga (#01-641/642)

suntec guide - bornga front

The creation of celebrity chef Paik Jong Won, Bornga is where you will discover a whole new taste of Korean food. They serve a variety of good quality pork and beef cuts for an awesome Korean BBQ experience.

Banchans (also known as small side dishes) are served alongside, and they are unlimited! One of their signature items is the Woo Samgyeop (S$29.90 for 200g), which is thinly sliced beef brisket that’s dressed in Bornga’s special sauce.

suntec guide - bornga bbq

One dish that I’ll highly recommend is the Yesan Tteokgalbi (S$25), which is a dish made of finely minced beef short rib that’s mixed with tteok (Korean rice cake), and then grilled to perfection. It tastes great and the texture is super tender, perfect for little ones and the elderly.

Popular traditional dishes such as the pork Jap Chae (stir-fried glass noodles and vegetables) (S$16.90 for small, S$24 for large) and seafood Haemul Pa Jeon (seafood and green onion pancake) (S$17.90 for small, S$25 for large).

+65 6836 3291
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm

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3) Guerilla Coffee (#01-506/507)

suntec guide - guerilla coffee establishment

A minimalist cafe with a Zen vibe, Guerilla Coffee at Suntec City has state-of-the-art coffee machines that serve espresso-based coffees, where the baristas demonstrate the craft of creating great coffee right in front of your eyes. This is a visual treat you shouldn’t miss!

They work with Comcrop, Singapore’s very first urban rooftop farm to get fresh, pesticide-free mint which is used for their signature Iced Black Mint (S$7).

Chill out with a good cup of coffee with their choices of beans coming from Brazil and Ethiopia.

suntec guide - guerilla coffee food

If you’re thinking of grabbing a light bite while you’re relaxing here, try their range of wraps like Sambal Beef Wrap (S$7.90), Sundried Tomato Chicken Wrap (S$7.90) and Egg & Chicken Sausage Wrap (S$7.50).

What’s a nice cafe without some beautiful tasty cakes on their menu? Sweeten your day with the Lychee Rose Cake (S$9.50) and Ondeh Ondeh Cake (S$8.80).

+65 6980 6345
Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 7pm
Sat & Sun: 9.30am – 7pm
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4) Turkish Lezzet House (#B1-105) 
suntec guide - turkish lezzet house

Turkish Lezzet House is a Muslim-owned establishment at Suntec City which dishes out authentic Turkish fare. On the menu, you’ll be able to discover great tasting meat kebabs, baked rice, pasta, and so much more— there’s something for everyone.

If you love pizza, they’ve got the Turkish version of it called pide, which is shaped like a boat. Served hot straight from the oven, the Lamb Pide (S$18.50), Chicken Pide (S$17.50) and Cheese Pide (S$13.50) will surely blow your socks off!

suntec guide - turkish dish

No visit to a Turkish restaurant is complete without trying their range of delicious meat kebabs. Options here are aplenty and will surely leave you spoiled for choice. Lamb Kebab Fries (S$15.50) features smoky grilled lamb coupled with the Western classic, french fries.

They’ve also got Chicken Kebab Rice (S$13.50) and Mixed Humus Begendi (S$19.50) (which is a platter of juicy lamb and chicken kebabs, fresh eastern bread and hummus). For something convenient on the go, give the Chicken Kebab Roll (S$10) and Lamb Kebab Roll (S$12) a try.

Round off your Turkish feast with the Kunefe (S$13.90), a classic dessert with wiry kadayıf (shredded dough) with cheese in-between, served with warm honey and pistachios— one of my favourite desserts of all time!

+65 9296 5026
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm
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5) Mad For Garlic (#02-300/301)

suntec guide - mad for garlic

Do you love garlic? Besides being able to handle vampires, it’s also highly nutritious and good for our bodies. Mad for Garlic is a garlic-themed, Italian Restaurant chain that started in Korea back in 2001. This unique concept was introduced to the Singapore market in 2010 at Suntec City.

​The 120-seater restaurant offers pizza, pasta, rice, and steak dishes with garlic as a key ingredient in every item on its menu. With the restaurant’s special preparation method of minimising the pungent smell of the garlic, even non-garlic lovers will be converted!

suntec guide - mad for garlic food offerings

Indulge in their starters like the Garlic Bread Tower (S$10) and Baked Chili Con Carne (S$16) or go for their pizzas such as the Garlic Snowing Pizza (S$27) (which comes with shrimp, diced pineapples, fried garlic and sweet white sauce) and Garlic Sweet Potato Pizza (S$22.50).

If you’re searching for something more filling, the Garlic Ragu Fettuccine (S$26), Prosciutto Risotto (S$25) and 220g Garlic Steak (S$42) are just some of the mains you’ll get from their menu.

You’ll be intrigued to know that their dessert selections are infused with garlic as well. Challenge your senses with the Garlic Berry & Ice Cream (S$10) and Garlic Apple Crumble a la Mode (S$14)— now I hope that got your attention.

+65 6238 1930
Sun to Thu: 11.30am – 9pm
Fri & Sat: 11.30am – 9.30pm
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6) Jjan Korean Fusion Bar (#01-606/607)

suntec guide - jjan bar

Looking for a cool hangout spot at Suntec City? Jjan Korean Fusion Bar is dedicated to offering the best in dining, service and atmosphere. From bar bites to the classic mains, they focus largely on Korean dishes which are infused with our local flavours.

With drinks tweaked to cater to your taste buds, indulge in a thoughtful collection of spirits, wines, creative mixes, and a selection of beers.

suntec guide - jjan bar bites

What goes well with booze? Food, of course! Be sure to check out their offerings of various bar bites like the Signature Chicken Wings (S$8.80), Pork Neck Bites (S$20), Spicy Seaweed Fries (S$10) and Crispy Fish Skin (S$12).

If you’re heading over there with friends during dinner, why not share their delectable mains like the Kimchi Fried Rice (S$11.50), Korean Army Stew (S$16) or non-Korean options like the Jjan BBQ Burger (S$18.50) and Burrata Cheese Pizza (S$18).

+65 8028 4824
Mon to Thu: 3pm – 12am
Fri & Sat: 3pm – 3am
Closed on Sun
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7) SUPER SUB (#B1-K8)

suntec guide - super sub suntec

If you think hotdog toppings are limited to mustard and chilli sauce, you’re living under a rock! At SUPER SUB, they use specially-made chicken hotdogs that are customised and locally produced.

The premium chicken hotdogs have no added MSG, and are naturally smoked. If chicken hotdogs are not for you, you also have the option to swap it out for their vegetarian soy hotdogs.

suntec guide - super sub hotdogs

They have not one, not two, but nine varieties of hotdogs! For a little spice that packs a punch, the Fiery Chic Bolognese (S$7.50) has toppings of chicken bolognese, lettuce, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, mayo and garnished with cheddar cheese.

For something more rich and decadent, the Oh My Mac ‘N’ Cheese! (S$7.50) is topped with cheesy macaroni, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mayo and garnished with spring onions.

+65 9742 3095
Mon to Fri: 8am – 8pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 9pm
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8) Yenly Yours (#01-K6)

suntec guide - yenly yours

Yenly Yours Dessert is a cafe that serves dessert and drinks revolving around the Thai mango, with over 15 outlets in Bangkok, and Suntec City just happens to house their very first overseas branch— how cool is that!

If you love having mango sticky rice, their range of desserts will excite you. Your Mango Treasure (S$14.90) is a divine combination of mango and coconut smoothie topped with a round of large mango chunks, a ball of sticky rice and Yenly Yours-made ice cream to finish things off.

suntec guide - mango dessert

Mango pudding lovers should go for Your Mango Super Pudding (S$12.90). This comes with a ball of traditional Thai sticky rice topped with heavenly coconut cream sauce, golden bean and mango chunks, complete with Yenly Yours-made mango pudding and ice cream. It sounds so good, it makes me want to have it right now!

Feeling overwhelmed after having mango desserts and mango smoothies? Do not fret. Yenly Yours also serves strawberry and coconut smoothies as well as jasmine tea-infused drinks.

Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
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9) Kebabchi Charcoal BBQ (#B1-146)

suntec guide - kebabchi front
Credit – Kebabchi Charcoal BBQ

Serving authentic Pakistani street food, Halal-certified Kebabchi Charcoal BBQ has a plethora of delicious meat kebabs, curries, freshly made naans, biryani and even desserts.

Enjoy the smoky flavours of the meats which are cooked over charcoal. You’ll not be able to resist the Chicken Malai Tikka (S$12), where fresh herbs, cream, cheese and lime juice are used to marinate the boneless chicken cubes before they are grilled to perfection.

Try their Chicken Seekh Kebab (S$12) and Mutton Seekh Kebab (S$14), which are minced meats seasoned with fresh ground herbs and spices moulded onto a skewer.

suntec guide - kebabchi food

If you want something more unique, relish in the Paneer Achari Tikka (S$16) which are cottage cheese cubes marinated with yoghurt and pickled spices.

Still have space for dessert? Enjoy a sweet ending with the Gulab Jamun (S$5) or Kheer (S$5) (which is a sweet rice pudding topped with crushed nuts).

+65 8784 0023
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
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10) Chura Sushi Bar (#B1-122A)

suntec guide - chura sushi bar

The word ‘Chura’ translates to ‘beautiful’ in Okinawan. At Chura Sushi Bar, emphasis is placed on the beauty of things, where only the freshest and finest ingredients are presented like exquisite pieces of art, and will tantalise your taste buds.

Unlike other Japanese establishments that serve ramen and rice dishes, the main bulk of the menu focuses on their signature roll sushi. Their team of professional and skilled sushi chefs meticulously shape and craft them into delectable bite-sized portions to pair with the restaurant’s artfully presented cocktails, all decked out in captivating hues and blossoms.

suntec guide - chura sushi food

Take for instance, the Chio Maki (S$32) which looks way too pretty to be eaten. It comprises yellowfin tuna tartare, yellow pickles, seasonal gourd, Japanese cucumber, marinated carrot, kinshi tamago, uni, caviar, ikura and edible gold flakes— talk about extravagance!

Another dish which is totally perfect for the ‘gram is the Volcano (S$17), which is made up of breaded prawn, Japanese cucumber, Japanese rolled omelette, salad, mayonnaise, sriracha mayo, teriyaki sauce, mentaiko mayo and flying fish roe.

It’s artfully stacked with sauces drizzling down to mimic a volcano with lava flowing down its sides— be ready to snap some pictures!

Chope Reservations

+65 6970 9101
Mon to Fri: 11am – 4pm & 5pm – 10pm
Sat & Sun: 11am – 10pm
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11) Downstairs (#B1-132)

suntec guide - DOWNSTAIRS
Credit – Downstairs

Downstairs is a simple concept that delivers heartwarming and delicious local food and beverages in a familiar homely ambience, which injects elements of Singapore’s neighbourhood sights like old-fashioned void deck mailboxes and round concrete chess tables. You’ll really feel that you’re dining downstairs!

It offers simple breakfast (from 8.30am onwards) fare like Downstairs Bee Hoon (S$4.50) and Downstairs Fried Noodles (S$4.50), typical of what you’ll find sold in the mornings at our heartland kopitiams.

suntec guide - downstairs food

If you’re heading over during lunch and dinner, more substantial dishes like Curry Pork Cutlet Rice (S$7.50), Salted Egg Chicken Nasi Lemak (S$9.20) and Claypot Mee Tai Mak (S$6.90) are up for grabs.

Hot favourites like Kaya Butter Toast Bun Set (S$4.80) and Downstairs Wanton Mee (S$6) are also available for the whole day.

For opening hours, click here.

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12) Route 65 Bar + Kitchen (#01-434)

suntec guide - route 65

Route 65 Bar + Kitchen dishes out Asian fusion dishes and hand-crafted signature cocktails in a lively atmosphere. That’s not all, there are weekly line-ups of live band performances for you to enjoy great tunes while having a great gastronomic time savouring on their delectable delights. Great food, cool drinks and live performances all at once? Sign me up!

Tuck into their offerings of main courses such as the all-time Signature Hokkien Mee (S$15.90), Braised Beef Cheek Capellini (S$20.90) and R65 Cheeseburger (S$18.90).

suntec guide - route 65 food

If you’re chilling out with a group of friends for dinner, order the Surf and Turf (S$68.90) to share. It comes with grilled prawns, seabass, pork ribs and rib eye steak. Too heavy perhaps? Route 65 Bar + Kitchen also has the Snacks Basket (S$33.90) which comes with luncheon meat fries, chicken nuggets, calamari rings, fish fillets and onion rings.

Chope Reservations
Chope Reservations

+65 9171 2179
Mon to Sat: 12pm – 12am
Sun: 12pm – 10.30pm
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13) Olivia & Co (#01-481/481A/483/483A)

suntec guide - olivia & co

A cafe that’s been around since 2016, Olivia & Co serves up food and drinks that were inspired by Olivia’s travels where she experienced various exotic cultures and cuisines.

The dining area of this bistro is located on the ground floor at the atrium which is right smack in the centre of the mall. This provides an open-concept dining ambience with a big open space and high visibility all around Suntec City.

suntec guide - olivia & co food

The menu reflects a creative blend of cuisines meticulously combined by a team of chefs while the baristas take great pride in the coffee beans sourced directly from Bali.

Olivia & Co serves all-day breakfast dishes like Smoked Salmon and Eggs (S$13.80) and Crab Benedict (S$18.80), the latter of which gives you grilled muffins with crab claw meat, poached eggs drenched in hollandaise sauce, grilled tomato and asparagus.

If breakfast food isn’t your cup of tea, you can have other yummy delights including Miso Baked Salmon (S$25.80), Peri Peri Chicken Burger (S$23.80) and Florentine Carbonara (S$21.80) (which is a delicious mix of spaghetti with back bacon, country egg yolk, parmigiano reggiano, and a hint of truffle oil)— perfecto!

For location, contact number and opening hours, refer here.
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