The Prime Society World Gourmet Summit 2014 Preview

“Master Chef Ian Curley and Chef Dallas Cuddy serve Australian inspired classic delights”

Chef Ian Curley Prime SocietyBack at The Prime Society after my prior review visit, tonight we’re here to sample what The Prime Society has to offer in a collaboration with Chef Ian Curley from The EUROPEAN Group of Restaurants for the World Gourmet Summit 2014.

Showcasing an extensive a la carte Epicurean Delights menu including signature dishes from The European Group of restaurants in Australia, expect back to basics dishes between master and pupil (Chef Cuddy was mentored by Chef Curley prior).

Prime society sake pairing

This dinner was also an experimental pairing with Japanese sakes, with a specific sake served during each course to compliment the flavours.

Beetroot carpacio prime society

Beetroot Carpaccio, smoked walnuts, soft curd and soft herbs ($18). The goat cheese curd melts away the sweetness from the beetroot, while the smoked walnut adds a bit more flavour depth, with piquant bits of pomegranate as well.

Paired with Seikyo Tokubesu Honjozo Chokarakuchi.

truffle duck liver and smoked eel parfait

Truffle Duck Liver and Smoked Eel Parfait, Pear Chutney and Brioche ($26). Always a delight to try this Prime Society signature parfait, the brioche outer layer gives contrast to the truffle duck liver umami-ness, which should be counteracted by the poached pear chutney for a sweet combination so you don’t get too sick of the fats.

Paired with Soutenbo Junmai.

John Dory Prime society WGS 2014

John Dory with Indian Spices, Roasted Witlof and Citrus Confit ($34). Roasted dory in orange segments and citrus peel for a nice, refreshing pairing with the fish. The Indian spices could have been a bit stronger though, to add more dimension to the dish.

Paired with Boujimaya Junmai Karakuchi.

The european black pepper steak Ian Curley

The EUROPEAN pepper steak: Cape Grim Flat Iron with Bone Marrow and Musturd Crust ($55).

The signature and highlight of the night is this classic pepper steak, which is The Prime Society’s expression of this year’s ‘The Classics’ WGS theme. The steak is done medium rare by default for that balance of juices flowing out and mingling with the mustard and bone marrow butter.

The grill from Prime Society has typically produced a good charred finish on the flat iron shoulder steak, which might be overpowering to some, but goes well with the pepper sauces today. I would have gone a little heavier on the pepper as well though for more powerful flavours.

Paired with Manatsu Junmai Ginjo Sow.

dessert WGS 2014 Ian Curley Prime society

Chocolate Salty Caramel with Creme Fraiche Sorbet and Peanuts ($15). Caramelized peanut cream is dipped in 72% cocoa French chocolate to form the shell here. Salt and chocolate is always enjoyable, and this reminds me a lot of a snickers bar.

The creme fraiche sorbet has a hint of sweet and sour aftertaste as well so you don’t get too ‘jelat’ from the chocolate and peanuts.

Paired with Bijoufu Ponkan.

chef ian curley dallas cuddy prime society wgs 2014

An absolutely down-to-earth man given his celebrity chef status, I loved how interactive Chef Ian Curley was compared to the other preview meals I had at other restaurants. Chef Ian Curley also helped out at a local Singapore soup kitchen, Willing Hearts, and is involved a lot in the Prison convict reintegration program in Australia.

Expect basic foods with fresh spice and herbs grown along Dempsey Road itself, Chef Ian Curley brings his philosophy of ‘food is to be eaten, not looked at or made into foam’ to The Prime Society’s grill.

From 27-30th March 2014, you will be enjoy this limited edition menu from Master chef Ian Curley for WGS 2014, ending on a Sunday brunch BBQ from 12pm-4pm.

The Prime Society: 10 Dempsey Road, Singapore 247700 | Website