The Strokes make us go awww by announcing 2nd show in Singapore just for Malaysians

Good Vibes Festival was a lot… to handle. Putting aside the actions of a particular individual, Malaysians were primarily disappointed about missing out on their favourite performers. One of them was The Strokes where some of us were waiting for them to belt out “The Adults Are Talking” live.

After artists expressed their grievances about not being able to perform, The Strokes are taking their love for Malaysia to another level. In an Instagram post, lead vocalist, Julian Casablancas, announced that they will be adding a second show in Singapore specially catered for their Malaysian fans.

The Strokes - Singapore

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He added in his post that although it might not be the most convenient trip for many, The Strokes understand the dedication of their fans and are making efforts to bridge the gap.

To support fans traveling from Kuala Lumpur, the band will be offering significant discounts on merchandise, which they have control over. Fans will be required to provide proof of residence or travel to avail of these special discounts, as a gesture to help alleviate some of the travel costs.

The Strokes - Singapore
Credit – BBC

Despite facing challenges and obstacles, The Strokes have worked tirelessly to make the best of the situation and appreciate the support and patience of their fans. More official details about the additional Singapore show and the merchandise discounts for Malaysian fans will be released shortly.

This heartfelt statement definitely struck a chord with Malaysians. The post was flooded with appreciative comments praising the band’s thoughtful gesture.

The duality of how artists care for their fans can definitely be seen over the past week. So, will you be attending The Strokes in Singapore?

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