10 Taiwanese Street Snacks to Eat at Kaohsiung’s Rui Feng Night Market 瑞豐夜市

The Rui Feng Night Market 瑞丰夜市 is one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan and is also one of the busiest night market in Kaohsiung.

It is packed with amazing street vendors and local night market goers. Rui Feng Night Market is probably the most local night market you could come across in Taiwan, so you know you’ll be in for a real authentic Taiwanese experience.

To make the journey through the grid of streets, here is a guide on what to eat and skip in Rui Feng Night Market.

10. Sweet Cool Round Powder Packes (甜心涼圓) 


This was my first time try sweet cool round powder packes (NT30 for 8pcs). It is perfect during summer in Taiwan, and cools you down whilst you are shopping in the night market.

They even come in different flavours. My favourite was hami melon!

Stall: Sweet Cool Round Powder Packe 甜心涼圓 

9. Stone-Roasted Chicken


These blobs of juicy goodness were undeniably delicious. Although Japanese-influenced, this chicken skewer (NT45) definitely had a peppery Taiwanese touch to it, which did not disappoint, especially with how tender the meat was.

Stall: 武奬 Japanese-Style Stone-Roasted Chicken

8. Takoyaki Balls


Although this is originally a Japanese snack, 章魚大丸仔 gave it a Taiwanese twist by making it extra large.  The Takoyaki Ball (NT60) is so huge that it could be considered a meal!

The octopus was really fresh and went well with the takoyaki coating. Definitely a must-try for all takoyaki fans.

Stall: 章魚大丸

7. Small Sausage in Large Sausage (大腸包小腸)


A true-blue local street food, the Small Sausage in Large Sausage 大腸包小腸 (NT 70) consists of a Taiwanese pork sausage wrapped in a slightly bigger sticky rice sausage. Here, the chargrilled sausage is perfectly balanced by vegetables and freshly squeezed droplets of lime juice.

Stall: 瑞丰夜市 大腸包小腸 

6. Milk Tea (奶茶)


No trip to Rui Feng is complete without sipping on some Milk Tea (NT35). 鴛鴦奶茶 perfectly combines the semi-bitter taste of strong tea with creamy goodness of milk. It is perhaps the smoothest milk tea I have tried so far.

Stall: 鴛鴦奶茶

5. Sweet Potato Balls (地瓜球)


These sweet potato balls (NT30) are super yummy. They are a pretty light snack, perfect to start your night market stroll with. The balls are chewy yet airy and somewhat crispy on the outside.

A combination of different textures truly make these balls unique.

Stall: QQ蛋

4. Mochi (奶麻薯)


This is perhaps the freshest mochi I have ever tasted in my life. Rolled in front of my eyes, the mochi (NT10) was chewy and stretches like no tomorrow. It is also warm and smooth in texture.


There are various of flavours you can choose from. I liked mine plain with sesame seed powder, which was bouncy and fragrant in every bite.

Stall: 奶麻薯

3. Taro Milk (芋香牛奶)


Although the stall is famous for papaya milk 木瓜牛奶, you have to give the taro milk 芋香牛奶 (NT45) a try.


The taro is steamed right before your eyes. Silky and smooth, you can’t taste any chunks of taro unless you leave it for too long. So drink up!

Stall: Y_木瓜牛奶

2. Angel Fried Chicken (天使鸡排)


Angel Fried Chicken (NT70) is a must-try at Kaohsiung Night Market. It is very different from Hot Star and outlets in Shilin Night Market in Taipei. The chicken chop is super thick. And I mean SUPER thick.


The best part of it all is how tender it is. Chicken chop tend to be too hard to bite in some parts, but this was really tender and well seasoned. Not too peppery at all.

The serving is plentiful so you may want to share it if you intend to try other street snacks here.

Stall: Angel Fried Chicken 天使鸡排

1. Bubble Tea Toast


I guess you can never get enough of bubble tea in Taiwan. At Rui Feng, you can even get it in warm, hot toast.


Bubble Tea Toast (NT60) tastes surprisingly good. The crusts were really crispy and the pearls were so chewy and melts in your mouth. The milk tea spread was really smooth and balanced the sweetness of the pearls. An interesting alternative to drinking bubble milk tea!

Stall: Good to Eat Hot Toast

Rui Feng Night Market: 高雄市鼓山區裕誠路1128號/ Yu Cheng Road #1128 | Opening Hours: 6.30 PM – 1AM  (Tues & Thurs – Sunday)| Nearest MRT: Kaohsiong Arena Station